Predictive Oncology & Intervention Strategies
Molecular Basis of Oncogenesis & Cancer Control
February 7 - 10, 2004Hotel WestminsterNice, France

Grants available for 2004 symposium attendees

Travel Grants

(Travel grant deadline is Oct. 31st.)

A limited number of travel grants, each in the amount of $500, are available. The award is intended to offset some of the registration, travel and subsistence expenses incurred in connection with participation in the scientific program by junior investigators.

Applicant should complete the procedures for registration and submission of abstracts. Send curriculum vitae and letter of recommendation directly to the mailing address.

The letter of recommendation should

  • be prepared on official letterhead
  • bear the signature of the dean or department chief
  • verify the applicant's academic status

Abstracts that have been accepted for the program schedule will be scored. Candidates with the highest scores will be notified by Dec. 1st and will be expected to submit the manuscript related to their presentation to the peer-review journal CDP by Feb. 10th. The certificate and grant will be formally awarded in Nice. Award recipients are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Funding for the travel grants is provided by the ISPO.

Poster Awards

Posters will be judged daily and the best communications honored. The ISPO is awarding grants of $200 for prize-winning presentations recognized for their excellence.