Predictive Oncology & Intervention Strategies
Molecular Basis of Oncogenesis & Cancer Control
February 7 - 10, 2004Hotel WestminsterNice, France

Contributing to the 2004 Scientific Program

Participants are welcome to contribute reports based on their current work for presentations in the scientific program. These oral and poster papers form the cornerstone of the meeting's education, discussion, and networking.

  • Participants scheduled for oral presentations may also display posters of their papers.
  • Abstracts must be submitted with the intention that they will be presented if accepted.
  • There is a non-refundable $30 processing fee for each abstract submitted.

An individual who is registered for the meeting may:

  • be the presenting author of no more than 2 abstracts
  • appear as a coauthor on an unlimited number of abstracts

Preparation of Abstracts

Submission of Abstracts using the Website

If you are not yet registered

  • Register for the meeting.
  • If your attendance is contingent upon the acceptance of your abstract, you must still register; just select “bill me” as your payment option. If your abstract is not accepted, you will be entitled to a full refund of the registration charges. [details]
  • During the registration process, you have the option to submit abstracts. Just follow the on-screen directions.

If you are already registered

  • Sign-in using your ISPO symposium username and password, then select “Submit New Abstract”.
  • You may also update abstracts you have previously submitted. Just select the appropriate “edit” link after signing in.

Submission of Abstracts by Email

Please submit abstracts using the website if possible (instructions). If you are unable to submit abstracts using the website, you may submit them by email as follows:

  1. Register for the meeting.
  2. Save the abstract in HTML or plain text format using your word processor's “Save as Web Page” or “Save As Text” feature.
  3. Attach the file to an email cover letter that includes the following:
    • presenting author's registration username (or email address, if registering by fax or post)
    • number of the symposium session in which the author wishes to present
    • presentation preference: oral, poster, or both
    • statement authorizing the transfer of the abstract's copyright to CDP.
  4. Include the phrase “abstract submission” in your email subject.
  5. Send the email with attached abstract to


The Program Committee will review the abstracts and determine the presentation schedule based on the merits of the abstracts and their relevance to the program. The Committee has full discretion to assign papers. The Committee will be guided by the author's preference for a slide or poster presentation and will decide the mode when none is indicated. The content of submitted abstracts is kept confidential by the members of the Program Committee during the review and prepublication process. Abstracts that lack scientific content or merit, or merely announce the availability of a resource or service will not be considered.

Publication Only status may be assigned to unscheduled worthy abstracts only in the case of multiple submissions of abstracts.

Author Responsibility

Authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their abstracts. Authors must confirm that they have not previously published the data reported. If the author(s)/presenter feels that a conflict of interests may exist that should be noted in the program, the appropriate section of the abstract submission form may be completed with the words “possible conflict of interests.” A positive notation in no way affects acceptance or scoring of abstracts.

The Program Committee must note in the Official Meeting Program if there are any abstracts to be presented whose author(s) may have a conflict of interests.


Scheduling decisions will be made by the Program Committee. Notification of acceptance will be transmitted by Dec. 1st. Notification of scheduling will be transmitted by Dec. 9th.

  • “Late-breaking findings” that become available shortly before the meeting may be submitted for presentation in the podium program reserved for this purpose.
  • To maximize the timeliness of scientific contributions, abstracts submitted after the deadline, Nov. 28th, may be published on the website only.
  • Oral presentations accepted for Symposia will be scheduled for periods of 15 minutes including discussion.
  • Poster Discussions will be scheduled for a full-day poster display. Authors will be scheduled to be at their posters for two 60-minute periods.


The peer-reviewed abstracts and papers based on the presentations will appear in Cancer Detection and Prevention, published by Elsevier Science.

Online previews of the program with abstract citations will appear Jan. 1st. The full texts of the abstracts will appear at the time of the meeting.