Program and Abstracts for Predictive Oncology & Intervention Strategies

Time Room Saturday 9 Feb Sunday 10 Feb Monday 11 Feb Tuesday 12 Feb
08:30 CIS Auditorium Molecular Basis of Oncogenesis Risk Assessment & Prognosis Molecular Genetics & Therapy - 1 Novel Molecular Therapies
11:30 CIS Auditorium Molecular Pathology Risk Assessment, Part 1 Gene Therapy, Part 2 Diagnostic Markers
11:30 Amphithéâtre Duclaux Chromosomal Aberrations Apoptosis - Molecular Mechanisms Familial and Hereditary Cancer Autoimmunity
11:30 Amphithéâtre Monod Gene Expression, Part 1 Prevention Environment and Occupation Stem Cell Biology
14:00 CIS Auditorium Gene Therapy, Part 1 Risk Assessment, Part 2 Gene Expression, Part 2 Prognostic Markers
14:00 Amphithéâtre Duclaux Chromatin Structures Multidrug Resistance - MDR Novel Therapies, Part 1 Immunotherapy
14:00 Amphithéâtre Monod Viral Oncogenesis Dietary Influences Predictive Markers Novel Therapies, Part 2
17:00 CIS Auditorium Cancer Genomics Predictive Markers Molecular Genetics & Therapy - 2 Immunotherapy
posters only Carcinogenesis Angiogenesis
posters only Metastasis

Poster displays are by the registration desk in the CIS Auditorium.