Travel Planners International Booking and Cancellation Policies

Hotel Deposit

The deposit equal to the cost of one night's stay, except at the Frantour Suffren, where it is the cost of two nights' stay.

Hotel Cancellation

The hotel cancelation fee increases after certain dates; see the following table. If your abstract was declined, the US$30.00 administrative fee will be waived.

Hotel Cancellation Fees by Hotel and Date
Frantour Suffren All other hotels
until 20 November 2001 US$30.00 US$30.00
20 November 2001 - 30 November 2001 US$30.00 + one night deposit
30 November 2001 - 23 January 2002 US$30.00 + one night deposit
after 23 January 2002 US$30.00 + two nights deposit