Cancer Detection and Prevention Volume 27 / Issue 4 (Jul-Aug 2003)

Table of Contents and Editor's Notes

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Immunohistochemical analysis of cyclooxygenase-2 expression in premalignant and malignant esophageal glandular and squamous lesions in Cixian, China

W Wei Zhang, MD , LiFeng Wang, MD , Andrea Chang, MD , YuSheng Jin, MS , JianYu Rao, MD

COX-2 is frequently expressed in esophageal cancers from a low risk area od China. In contrast, COX-2 expression is uncommon in the esophageal carcinomas from the region of China with the highest world-wide incidence, suggesting that COX-2 is not related to the excess cancer incidence in the high risk area. >>>

Similar BCL-X but different BCL-2 levels in the two age groups of north African nasopharyngeal carcinomas

Abdelmajid Khabir, MD , Abdelmoneem Ghorbel, MD , Jamel Daoud, MD , Mounir Frikha, MD , Mohamed Mokhtar Drira, MD , Agnès Laplanche, MD , Pierre Busson, MD, PhD , Rachid Jlidi, MD

BCL-2 expression is higher in the older-age patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma than younger patients, providing additional evidence that different oncogenic mechanisms are operative in these two distant groups of patients. >>>

Atypical Carney's triad with coincidental clear cell renal carcinoma in an 84 years old patient--a finding at autopsy

Alexandar Tzankov, Md , Josef Schwanninger, MD , Gregor Mikuz, MD , Thomas Mairinger, MD

The coincidental presence of a right bronchial chordoma, multiple gastric leiomyomas and a right, well-differentiated renal cell carcinoma, without presence of paragangliomas was interpreted to represent a case of atypical Carney's Triad. >>>

Prevalence of proximal adenomas after an adenoma is found on flexible sigmoidoscopy

K O'Brien, MD {Maj, USAF, MC} , BF Sweeney Jr., MD {Maj, USAF, MC} , N Conger, MD {Capt, USAF, MC} , JR Fischer, MS , KA Lang, MD {LtC, USAF, MC}

Advanced adenomas, identified distally by flexible sigmoidoscopy were, by colonoscopy, significantly associated with advanced neoplastic changes in proximal adenomas. >>>

Secular stability and reliability of measurements of the percentage of dense tissue on mammograms

Jacques Benichou, M.D., Ph.D. , Celia Byrne, Ph.D. , Laura A. Capece, B.A. , Leslie E. Carroll, B.A. , Kathy Hurt-Mullen, M.P.H. , David Y. Pee, M.Phil. , Martine Salane , Catherine Schairer, Ph.D. , Mitchell H. Gail, M.D., Ph.D.

Increased breast density has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer. This study identifies the sources of error in the measurement of breast density. >>>

The role of various biomarkers in the evaluation of styrene genotoxicity

P. Vodicka, PhD , M. Koskinen, PhD , R. Stetina, PhD , P. Soucek, PhD , L. Vodickova, PhD , Z. Matousu, Ba , M. Kuricova, MSc , K. Hemminki, MD

Lamination workers occupationally exposed to styrene exhibited a series of biomarkers of external and internal exposure. DNA adducts were the only specific and sensitive marker of DNA damage from styrene genotoxicity. >>>

Antibodies to HSP70 and HSP90 in serum in non-small cell lung cancer patients

Li Zhong, PhD , Xuejun Peng, MD , Giovanna E. Hidalgo, BS , Dennis E. Doherty, MD , Arnold J. Stromberg, PhD , Edward A. Hirschowitz, MD

A phage-display of proteins from a cDNA library of a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) permitted identification of two tumor-associated antibodies on NSCLC patients. The presence of the antibody to HSP70 showed a sensitivity of .74 and a .73 for NSCLC patients. >>>

Microphysiological testing for chemosensitivity of living tumor cells with multiparametric microsensor chips

Angela M. Otto, Dr. rer. nat. , Martin Brischwein, Dr. rer. nat. , Axel Niendorf, Dr. med. , Tobias Henning, cand. med. , Bernhard Wolf, Dr. rer. nat.

The authors show the feasibility of measuring multiple surrogate markers for chemosensitivity in living tumor cells. The technology can also probe the physiologic responses to chemotherapeutic agents. >>>

Folic acid mediated attenuation of loss of heterozygosity of DCC tumor suppressor gene in the colonic mucosa of patients with colorectal adenomas

Kiran K. Nagothu, PhD , Richard Jaszewski, MD , Lathika Moragoda, PhD , Arun K. Rishi, PhD , Raphaela Finkenauer, MA , Martin Tobi, MD , Jo Ann Naumoff, MA, RDA , Ravi Dhar, MD , Murray Ehrinpreis, MD , Omer Kucuk, MD , Adhip P.N. Majumdar, PhD

Folic acid supplementation is associated with conservation of heterozygosity of DCC, gene increased amounts of DCC protein, and preventing an increase in proliferation in normal human rectal mucosa. >>>

Influence of parotid-sparing radiotherapy on xerostomia in head and neck cancer patients

J. Gabriel Malouf, DDS , Cecilia Aragon, DDS , Brad S. Henson, DDS , Avraham Eisbruch, MD , Jonathan A. Ship, DMD

A parotid-sparing three dimensional treatment planning technique provided therapeutic dosages to head and neck tumors and regional lymph nodes while minimizing changes to nontumorous tissues and preserving salivary output. >>>

Development and Reliability of a brief skin cancer risk assessment tool.

Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH , Elinor Schoenfeld, PhD , Martin A. Weinstock, MD, PhD , Gabriela Layi, MA , Jeanne Kidd, MA , Dorothy M. Shigaki, MS

A self-administered brief skin cancer assessment tool was utilized primarily to evaluate risk for melanoma. The greatest risk scores were: personal history of skin cancer, number of moles larger than one-quarter inch, skin color, sunburn history, and childhood residence. >>>


Herbert E. Nieburgs, MD and Andrew H. Fischer, MD
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