Cancer Genomics

"In silico" comparison of the transcriptome derived from purified normal breast cells and breast tumor cell lines reveals candidate up-regulated genes in breast tumor cells.

R.R. Brentani M.R. Leerkes , O.L. Caballero , H. Torloni, , M.J. O'Hare , A.J.G. Simpson , S.J. de Souza

Gene expression profile of low-grade gliomas by cDNA arrays

Hiroko Ohgaki, Huatao Huang, Hideaki Yokoo, Paul Kleihues

Microarray assessment: bladder & prostate

Lukas Bubendorf, Tobias Zellweger, Ronald Simon, Thomas C. Gasser, Guido Sauter

Extracellular proteases in neoplastic development

L. M. Coussens, Ph.D.