Tumor treatment by a new system for focalized therapy assessed on an animal model

EMH Hiltbrand, PhD,a G. Quash,MD,b H. Fessi PhD, c F.Buchegger, MD,a, T.Binzoni PhD,a J.Belenger, MD,a M. Costa, PhD,a J. Foray MD, d H.Mehier, MD, d.

aUniv. hospital Geneva, Geneva, Geneva Switzerland bUniversity Hospital, Lyon-Sud, France. cLAGEP Lyon-1, France. dCERMA Archamps, France

Aim A microtube was used to treat locally tumors grafted on mice as a preliminary step before undertaking treatment on human. Several kinds of therapeutic agents have been vectorized in order to demonstate the efficiency and versatility of the technique. Some of these agents have been encapsulated in the form of nanoparticles to preserve their integrity and improve their efficacy. This is a novel technique due to the fact the therapeutic agents are delivered under very high pressure. Material and method A microtube having respectively an outer and inner diameter of 200 and 100 microns made of a biocompatible material (stainless steel or Ir/Pt alloy) was designed to vectorize locally several therapeutic agents. These agents are delivered under high pressure (up to 400 bars) by a classical HPLC pump or an in house developed pump. These agents can be vaporized water or alcohol or specifically designed apoptotic drugs. Results The therapeutic agents and the injection technique were tested on a set of 76 Swiss nude mice grafted with a human colon cancer strain or with human prostate cancer strain. It was found that the calories delivered have to be adapted to the type of tumor treated. Measurements performed twice weekly assessed the tumor evolution and a drastic reduction was observed in the three or four days following the injection. Conclusion Three type of agents were investigated in this study demonstrating its multiple capability. Magnetic Resonance images were obtained to monitor the injection. The microtube can be implanted as a biopsy needle or, if suitable, inserted surgically. In this case, it can stay inserted for the time required to repeat the treatment.

KEY WORDS: microtube, focalized therapy, tumors, animal.

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Paper presented at the International Symposium on Predictive Oncology and Intervention Strategies; Paris, France; February 9 - 12, 2002; in the section on Novel Therapies, Part 2.