Novel Therapies, Part 2

Tumor treatment by a new system for focalized therapy assessed on an animal model

EMH Hiltbrand, PhD, G. Quash,MD, H. Fessi PhD, F.Buchegger, MD,, T.Binzoni PhD, J.Belenger, MD, M. Costa, PhD, J. Foray MD, H.Mehier, MD, .

Detection of therapeutical effects by anti-EGFR therapy alone and in combination with chemotherapeutics against human squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck using microarray techniques

MH Hambek, MD

Potential role of extracorporeal photochemotherapy in antineoplastic treatment

U Prati, MD,, C Perotti, MD,, L Roveda, MD,PhD,, F Trotta, MD,, P Valsecchi, MD,, A DeRoberto, MD,, C Rossella, MD,, C Zonta, PhD,, A Clerici, PhD,, C Ferrari, PhD,, GL Viarengo, MD,, S Bernuzzi, MD, , C DelFante, MD,, L Salvaneschi, MD, .

Expression of EAG potasssium channels in tumor tissue

LA Pardo, MD, PhD ,B. Hemmerlein, MD , A. Sánchez, MD , H.J. Radzun, MD , W. Stühmer, PhD

Expression and regulation of the Coxsackie- and Adenovirus Receptor (CAR) in premalignant lesions and advanced neoplasms.

M Anders, MD , C Christian , RS Warren, MD , A. Balmain, PhD , MJ Bissell , PhD, WM Korn, MD

Survival of colorectal cancer patients with high levels of sialyl lewis-x and sialyl lewis-a epitope expression on tumor cells was improved by cimetidine

SM Matsumoto, MD, PhD

Conditional mutation of the ErbB2 (HER2) receptor in cardiomyocytes leads to dilated cardiomyopathy

AN Garratt, PhD , B Erdmann, PhD , Bernhard Pilz, M.D. , Nina Wettschureck Ph.D. , Stefan Britsch M.D. , Norbert Huebner Ph.D. , Kenneth R. Chien Ph.D. , Carmen Birchmeier Ph.D

Recombinant adenovirus AdTIMP-2 inhibits tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastasis, and prolongs survival in mice

H. Li, F.Lidenmeyer, C. Grenet, P. Opolon, S. Menashi, C. Soria, P. Yeh, M. Perricaudet and H. Lu