Novel Therapies, Part 1

Lymphoma growth-inhibitory activity of sulfasalazine (SASP) involves inhibition of cysteine supply by somatic cells.

PW Gout PhD, MC Robertson PhD

Natural human antibody and intravenous immunoglobulin regulation of T cell activation

D.A. Chow PhD, Y. Li MD, S Hebert, BSc

Modulation of Calcium-activated K-channels in T cells: A novel therapeutic approach?

LS Madsen, PhD , M Hertz, PhD , D Strøbæk, PhD , P Christophersen, PhD , FA Sløk, PhD , A Gautam, PhD BS Jensen, PhD

Control of cell proliferation via redox-regulated expression of glycolytic genes

KA Brand MD, U Aulwurm Phd, D Fabian PhD, B Hamm-Kuenzelmann PhD, R Netzker Phd, D Schaefer PhD, C Weigert PhD

Pharmacological perspectives of mistletoe therapy

T Hajto

Chemoprevention of chemically-induced intestinal carcinoma in rats by combined octreotide, galanin and serotonin treatment and by cyclooxygenese-2 inhibitor

ME El-Salhy, PhD, MD

Which dosing scheme is suitable for the taxanes? An in vitro model

UA Sanli,MD, R Uslu,MD, B Karabulut,MD, VC Sezgin,MD, G Saydam,MD, SB Omay,MD, PhD, F Buyukkececi, MD,E Goker, MD

Radiation induced shedding of TGF alpha results in a prolonged period of refractoriness to further release of TGF alpha

MP Hagan, MD, PhD, and A Yacoub, PhD

The effect of retinoic acid on sodium-iodide symporter gene (NIS) expression in breast cancer and normal breast cells

M Jarzab, MD , V Piddubnyak, MSc , J Szary, PhD , B Maka, MD, PhD , M Wiench, PhD , B Nikiel, MSc , A Goraj-Zajac, MSc , K Lisowska, PhD , Z Krawczyk, PhD

The tyrosine kinase inhibitor sti571 downregulates gene expression by reducing histone h4 acetylation and histone deacetylase (hdac) expression.

G Brusa, PhD, MA Santucci, F Campanini, L Pattacini, M Mancini, L Mazzacurati, M Baccarani

Rapamycin prevents calcineurin inhibitor-associated tumor progression

M. Hojo MD, F. Luan MD, M. Maluccio MD, K. Yamaji MD and M. Suthanthiran MD

The effect of cisplatin and docetaxel on p53 and mdm2 in cancer cell lines

L Laatio MD , R Serpi MSc , U Puistola MD, PhD , K Vahakangas MD, PhD

Possible cytotoxic effects of lipophilic o-naphthoquinones in isolated rat hepatocytes; protective mechanisms.

M Dubin, PhD, SH Fernández Villamil, PhD, N.V. De Witte, PhD, PH Carrizo, PhD, MP Molina Portela, PhD, AOM Stoppani, PhD

Prevention of radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis by blockade of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) signaling

A Nishioka, MD, Y Ogawa, MD, S Kariya, MD, S Yoshida, MD, H Ueno, PhD,

Peroxisome proliferators as differentiating agents: an intriguing mechanism of action.

R Scatena, MD,G Nocca, PhD, P Bottoni, PhD, I Messana, PhD, F Vincenzoni, PhD, L Ceccarelli, B Giardina, PhD.

The radiosensitizing effect of Pentoxifylline at high dose rate compared to low dose rate irradiation.

A Danielsson, MSc , E Karlsson, C Mercke, MD, PhD

In vivo genotoxkinetics: an alternative to study pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antineoplastic agent busulfan

P Morales-Ramirez, PhD

Effects of ganglioside biosynthesis inhibition on the expression and phosphorylation of the membrane tyrosine-kinase receptors p185neu/ErbB2 in tumor and normal mammary cell lines.

E. Sottocornola , PhD, I. Colombo, PhD, and B. Berra, Prof

Parathyroid carcinoma: twenty cases. Up to date in a high rate incidence series

S.M.M. Basso MD, F. Lumachi MD, R. Behboo MD, G. Favia MD

Radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceuticals for the cure of prostate cancer

S Shukla, D. Sc., R. Cusumano, MD , G. Atzei MD , G. Argirò, MD , S. Boemi MD , G. Politano MD , P. Iannantuono MD , C. Cipriani MD , F. Petrucci PhD , A. Alimonti PhD , S. Caroli PhD , M. Sinibaldi, PhD

Influence of various administration routes on the antitumor activity of a somatostatin analog, TT-232

M.Tejeda, D. Gaál , Gy Kéri

Novel Drug Resistance-associated Protein and new plant derived modulators for overcoming drug resistance in human tumor cells

Cheppail Ramachandran Ph.D., Steven J. Melnick, MD, Ph.D., Thangaiyan Rabi, Ph.D., and Enrique Escalon, MD,

Germline mutation screening of DNA repair genes MLH3 and MBD4 in typical and incomplete HNPCC families

Q Wang,PhD,, G Montmain,, C Lasset, MD,, V Bonadona, MD, , F Desseigne, MD, , JC Saurin, MD, , A Puisieux, PhD,

Microphysiological testing for chemosensitivity of tumor cells with multiparametric microsensor-chips

A.M. Otto, Dr. rer. nat., M. Brischwein, Dr. rer. nat., H. Grothe, Dr. ing., E.M. Motrescu, Dipl. biol., B. Wolf, Dr. rer. nat.

EWS-FLI1 targeted vectorized antisense oligonucleotides inhibit a model of Ewing sarcoma in mice

A. Maksimenko phD , G. Lambert phD , J.R. Bertrand phD , E. Fattal phD , F. Subra phD , H. Pinto-Alphandary phD , C. Malvy phD , C. Auclair phD , P. Couvreur phD

Effects of serine protease inhibitor 4-(2-aminoethyl)benzenesulfonyl fluoride (AEBSF) on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) functions of cultured cerebral microvascular endothelial cells (CMEC)

P Megyeri MD, PhD, MA Deli MD, PhD,, H Takahata MD, M Niwa MD, PhD, KM Pabst BSc, MJ Pabst PhD, CS Ábrahám MD

Docetaxel in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

E Salminen, MD

Serum her-2 ecd and it's evolving role in management of breast cancer patients

A Voss, MD R Neumann PhD

Primary gastric lymphoma: a retrospective study

A Zeidman MD, E Ramadan MD, Z Fradin MD, Z Dreznik MD, M Mittelman MD

The combination of APO2L/TRAIL with protein synthesis inhibitors or tyrosine kinase inhibitors inhibits pancreatic cancer growth in vitro and in vivo

J. Standop MD, F. Nozawa MD, M. Schneider MD, R.E. Brand MD , X.Z. Ding MD , A. Ulrich MD, K. Picha , T.E. Adrian PhD , and P.M. Pour MD.

Effects of roscovitine on DNA synthesis in normal and neoplastic glial cells.

MF Vita, MS, JS Yakisich , J. Boethius MD PhD , I. Ohlsson Lindblom MD , L. Wallstedt MD , V. Idoyaga Vargas MD PhD , A. Sidacon MD PhD , M. Cruz MD PhD

Glycoglycerolipid analogues active in cancer chemoprevention: the role of the ester function on the inhibition of Epstein-Barr virus early antigen activation

F Ronchetti , D Colombo Dr, F Compostella Dr, A Scala Prof, Harukuni Tokuda Dr, Hoyoku Nishino Dr

Regulation of proliferation/apoptosis equilibrium by map kinases in normal, hyperplastic and carcinomatous human prostate

M Royuela, PhD,MI Arenas, PhD, M Ricote, J Alfaro, MVT Lobo, MD, R Vera, MD, B Fraile PhD and R Paniagua PhD