Gene Therapy, Part 2

Gene therapy for prostate cancer by targeting DNA-damage response.

I Trofimova, PhD, A Dimtchev, PhD, M Jung, PhD, D Rosenthal PhD, M Smulson, PhD, A Dritschilo MD, V Soldatenkov MD, PhD

Cell-type-specific gene delivery for in vivo gene therapy

RD Dornburg, PhD

Translational control of malignancy and chemoresistance in breast cancer cells: antiapoptotic function of the translational factor eIF4E

SA Avdulov,PhD,, S Li, PhD,, D Burrichter,, M Peterson,, N Sonenberg,PhD,, PB Bitterman,MD,PhD, VA Polunovsky,PhD,

IN VIVO targeted transfection of IL-3 gene into murine haematopoietic progenitor cells through CD117

A. Chapel1, M. Bensidhoum1, C. Germain1, P. Poncet2, C. Goupy3, G. Chavanel3, F. Hirsch3, D. Thierry1

Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyamine vectors as new drug delivery agents

O Phanstiel, PhD

Selective killing of cancer cells through translational regulation of the HTK/GCV gene therapy system

RJ DeFatta, PhD, RP Chervenak, PhD , Y Li, MS ,and A De Benedetti, PhD

Intramuscular and intratumoral gene electrotransfer for gene therapy of cancer

D. Scherman