Published in Cancer Detection and Prevention 2001; 25(5):446-453.

Somatostatin Receptor Expression Profile as a Potential Criterion for Discrimination Between Seminoma and Non-Seminoma Testicular Tumors

Najima Baou, Mourad Bouras, Jean-Pierre Droz, Nicole Dutrieux-Berger, Raymonde Bouvier, Mohamed Benahmed and Slavica Krantic

INSERM 407, Faculté de Médecine Lyon Sud, Oullins, France

Address all correspondence and reprint requests to Slavica Krantic, Laboratoire de Communication cellulaire en Biologie de la reproduction, INSERM 407, Faculté de Médecine Lyon Sud, B.P. 12. F-69921 Oullins. Cedex, France.

ABSTRACT: The expression of five (sst1-sst5) somatostatin (SRIF) receptor mRNAs was compared between normal and tumoral testicular samples diagnosed as either seminoma or non-seminoma. Reverse transcriptasepolymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis indicated that all testicular tissues studied (total of 24) contained sst5 receptor transcripts, whereas the sst2 was absent in all of them. In contrast to the normal tissue samples, both types of tumors (total of 12) did not contain sst4 transcripts. sst3 mRNA was expressed in normal and nonseminoma samples, but not in seminomas. sst1 transcripts were not found in normal and seminoma tissues. However, all studied non-seminomas contained this mRNA. Our data thus points to a specific pattern of SRIF receptor mRNA expression in each type of the samples analyzed. Moreover, they further indicate that the presence of sst1 and sst3 transcripts might be used as an additional criterion to distinguish between seminoma and nonseminoma tumors.

KEY WORDS: tumor diagnosis, human testis.