novel therapies

Treatment of cancer with Tumor Targeted Superantigen combined with co-stimulatory molecule

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Preserving renal function by nephron-sparing operation techniques in renal cell carcinoma - WaterJet cutting vs ligature - online-partial nephrectomy

RF Basting MD, N Djakovic MD, D Händel MD

Intermittent, repetitive administrations of irinotecan (CPT-11) against recurrent advanced ovarian carcinomas reduces its side-effects

H Fujii MD , M Koshiyama MD , M Konishi MD , M Yoshida MD , K Tauchi MD

Growth inhibition of tumor cells by monoclonal antibodies and small peptide mimetic targeting a specific epitope on p185^her2/neu

H Zhang PhD, B Park MD, A Berezov PhD, R Murali PhD, MI Greene MD PhD

Multidrug resistance gene transfer to hematopoietic cells by the sf1m retrovirus and engraftment in minimally myeloablated recipients

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Intrauterine microdialysis - a novel approach for the assessment and treatment of endometrial paracrine disorders and endometrial cancer in the human female

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Anti-angiogenic therapy with a copper reducing agent, tetrathiomolybdate, inhibits solid tumor growth in pre-clinical models and in humans

SD Merajver MD PhD , GB Brewer MD

Total tumor cell elimination with minimum damage to normal tissue in musculoskeletal sarcomas by photodynamic reaction with acridine orange

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In vivo study of Vascular Endothelial- And Fibroblast-Growth Factor Receptors in a mouse fibrosarcoma tumor model following Photodynamic Therapy Quantification by use of computed image analysis

P Ziókowski MD , BJ Osiecka MD , J Milach MD , K Symonowicz MD , P Dziêgiel MD , P Chmielewski PhD , L Latos-Gra¿yñski PhD

An improvement of the efficiency of different cytostatic drugs against various tumor cell lines and reduction of their toxic effect on normal cells by a mixture of substances occurring in the circulatory system

G Kulcsar PhD

Anti breast-cancer peptides derived from alpha-fetoprotein

HI Jacobson PhD, FB Mesfin MS, TT Andersen PhD, S Zhu MD, JA Bennett PhD

Differential modulation of doxorubicin toxicity by HMBA in malignant mesothelioma cell lines

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Effect of dibutyryl cyclic AMP on production of tumor necrosis factor alpha in rat Kupffer cells

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Intra-arterial carboplatin and intravenous etoposide for the treatment of recurrent and progressive non-GBM gliomas

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Intratumor heterogeneous distribution of boron-10 compound for neutron capture therapy, based on radiobiological findings from in vivo mouse studies

S Masunaga MD PhD , K Ono MD PhD , Y Sakurai PhD , M Takagaki MD PhD , M Suzuki MD , T Kobayashi PhD , Y Kinashi MD PhD

Pre-existent adenovirus antibody inhibits systemic toxicity and anti-tumor activity of CN706 in the nude mouse LNCaP xenograft model: Implications and proposals for human therapy

Y Chen MD , DC Yu PhD , D Charlton PhD , DR Henderson PhD

Development of radiopharmaceutical DW166HC(Holmium166-chitosan chelate compound) for anticancer agent

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Can thyroid supplements cause breast cancer for those who are hypothyroid?


In primary chronic myeloid leukemic cells, BCR-ABL and PI3 kinases are involved in increased cell sensitivity to ceramide

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Anticancer effect of nitric oxide and therapeutic drugs on human hematological malignant cells: Analysis by in vitro monitoring using MTT assay and flow cytometry

M Tsumori MD PhD , J Tanaka MD PhD , K Koshimura MD PhD , M Kawaguchi PhD , Y Murakami MD PhD , Y Kato MD PhD

Altered growth and ploidy induced by the farnesyl transferase inhibitor RPR-130401

F Megnin-Chanet PhD , F Lavelle PhD , V Favaudon PhD

Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) in the treatment of hepatic malignancies: Experimental data

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Neoadjuvant MVAC chemotherapy is associated with prolonged survival of patients with advanced cervical cancer

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Application of boron entrapped stealth liposome to boron neutron capture therapy for cancer

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Proposal of anticancer immunostimulant way, based on an analyze of: Trypanosoma cruzi infections, their antitumoral effects, and the immune response of the hosts

HRA Cabral MD PhD

Oral isotretinoin therapy for cutaneous sarcoidosis

S Georgiou MD, A Monastirli MD, E Pasmatzi MD, D Tsambaos MD

A Comparative Study of the Cytogenetic and Antineoplastic effects induced by modified steroidal amidoesters of p-bis(2-chloroethyl)aminophenylbutyric acid

V Karayianni MSc , A Papageorgiou PhD , C Camoutsis PhD , D Catsoulacos BSc , D Mourelatos PhD , E Mioglou PhD , Z Kritsi PhD

Development of 3-(9-Acridinylamino)-5-hydroxymethylaniline (AHMA) derivatives as potential topoisomerase II-mediated anticancer agents

TL Su PhD , TC Chou PhD

Lovastatin potentiates antitumor activity and attenuates cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin in three tumor models in mice

W Feleszko MD PhD , I Mynarczuk , EZ Bakowiec-Iskra , A Czajka , T Œwitaj , T Stokosa MD , A Giermasz MD , M Jakóbisiak MD PhD

The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ is an inhibitor of ErbBs activity in human breast cancer cells

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The role of L-carnitine on a restricted number of myeloid progenitor cells and its potential as a component in combination therapy

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Selective transfer of a lipophilic prodrug of 5-fluorodeoxyuridine (FUdR) from immunoliposomes to colon cancer cells

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Modified ingenol esters inhibit the growth and induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells

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Tumorigenic cell proliferation mechanisms in Ki-Ras overexpressing Ha-ras-EJ-transformed adrenocortical cells

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Amelioration of the symptoms of mucositis with a calcium phosphate rinse and topical fluoride in BMT patients

AS Papas MD PhD, KT O'Laughlin MD MS, G Martuscelli MD MMSc, E Clark PhD, KB Miller MD