HER-2/neu drug development

Herstatin, an alternative HER-2/neu product, suppresses receptor activity and growth of cells that overexpress p185HER-2 or the EGF receptor

JK Doherty MD PhD , MD Denton BA , N Azios BA , B Lin MS , GM Clinton PhD

Phage display selection of peptides reacting with ErbB-2 receptor and synthesis of peptabody molecules which bind specifically to ErbB-2^(+) cancer cells

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p27Kip1 is haplo-insufficient for suppression of Neu-induced mammary tumor growth in transgenic mice

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Her-2/neu oncogene amplification in clinically localized prostate cancer

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Immunohistochemical evaluation of K-ras, p53, and Her-2/neu expression in pancreatic lesions: evidence for multistep carcinogenesis

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RT-PCR detection of circulating breast cancer cells: Sensitivity and specificity of HER2/neu as a marker

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