molecular targets for drug therapy

Selective Induction of cancer cell death by exploiting cell cycle checkpoints

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Interference with cell cycle control mechanisms: phase-I study of a benzenedisulfonamide inhibiting cyclin E and cdk-2 phosphorylation

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An anti-RAS cancer potential of PPI, an inhibitor specific for SRC family kinase: In vitro and in vivo studies

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Targeting the CD22 receptor on human B-cell lymphomas with RNA damaging agents

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Chimeric oligonucleotides addressing two target sites of human telomerase are strong inhibitors of telomerase activity in U87 glioblastoma cells

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Abnormal E-cadherin as basis for a novel gastric cancer therapy: functional analysis of a mutation-specific immunotoxin

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Estradiol induces the assembly of ERΑ-p60src-p130Cas complex: modulation of anti-estrogen resistance in breast cancer cells

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