Signal Transduction

Na+-Ca2+ exchange blockers enhances antiestrogen effects on cultured human brain tumor cells

RD Wurster PhD , YS Lee PhD

STAT transcription factors are constitutively activated in leukemic cells

RM Weber-Nordt, C Egen, J Wehinger, J Finke, AD Ho

Prolactin-induced phosphorylation of Jak2, prolactin receptor and STATs 5a and 5b in Ma-10 testicular tumor leydig cells

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Effects of 532 nm laser on the levels of integrin and focal adhesion kinase in human melanoma cells

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Zinc finger factor ZBP-89 is regulated by TGF beta and during gastric transformation

J Merchant MD PhD, L Bai PhD , D Law PhD

Serum and erythrocyte NAD glycohydrolase activity in cancer disease

L Yalçintepe PhD Student , I Albeniz PhD , H Akçakaya PhD , Ç Korkut PhD Student , Ö Demir PhD Student , D Tiryaki Prof Dr and E Bermek Prof Dr