Angiogenesis & Inhibition

Comparative study on organ-specificity of tumorigenicity, mutagenicity and cell proliferative activity induced by dimethylnitrosamine in lacI transgenic mice

A Nishikawa MD, F Furukawa PhD, M Miyauchi, H Nakamura, T Suzuki PhD, M Hayashi PhD, T Sofuni PhD, M Hirose MD

Roles of reactive oxygen species in the activation of JNK, p38, and ERK by chromium(VI) in non-small-cell lung carcinoma cells

SM Chuang MS and JL Yang PhD

Genetic alterations in N-bis(2-hydroxypro-pyl) nitrosamine-induced rat transplantable thyroid carcinoma lines: analysis of the TSH-R, Gas, ras and p53 genes.

Y Kitahori PhD , H Naitoh MD , T. Ohnishi PhD , S Kuwashima MD and Y Hiasa MD PhD

DNA-dependent protein kinase modulates trans-activation of E2F

H Teraoka PhD , F Watanabe PhD , K Komatsu MD

Kinetic analysis of anti-ganglioside antibodies using an optical biosensor

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Steroidogenic cells and transaldolase

De W , Sommé G , Perl A , Wegnez M and Lachaise F

Genome plasticity by proliferative genes

I Riede PhD

The role of HIV Protease (PR) in the early phase of virus replication: Antiviral activity of PR inhibitors and genetic studies

S Oroszlan PhD

Increased release of the tumor necrosis factor receptor p75 by immortalized human keratinocytes results from an activated shedding mechanism and is not related to augmented steady state levels of p75 mRNA

P Neuner MD, M Pourmojib PhD, G Klosner PhD, F Trautinger MD, A Haller, R Knobler MD

Phosphorylation of MAZ (Myc-associated zinc finger) protein is critical for DNA binding to the NHE (Nuclease Hypersensitive Element) of the c-myc promoter

H Tsutsui, KK Yokoyama

Involvement of nuclear factor -kappa B in PMA-induced megakaryocytic differentiation of K562 cells

CD Kang MD PhD , SH Kim PhD , KW Kim MS , EY Lee MD PhD , and BS Chung PhD

Mitochondrial glutathione depletion potentiates TNF-induced cytotoxicity in tumour cells in vivo

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Roles of MAP kinases in retinoic acid-induced neural differentiation of P19 EC cells

H Wang, M Ohnishi MD, T Kobayashi MD, Y Yanagawa MD , and S Tamura MD

Prevention of onset in an insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus model, NOD mice, by oral feeding of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota

T Matsuzaki PhD , Y Nagata , S Kado , K Uchida PhD , I Kato PhD , S Hashimoto PhD , T Yokokura PhD

Interaction of β-carotene with DNA-protein crosslinks and quantitation of DNA damage after a single injection of N-nitrosodiethanolamine in the rat

A Sarkar, R Basak, R Karmakar, S Pradhan, BK Saha, IN Rao, M Chatterjee

Role of Ets-1 in oral squamous cell carcinoma: Potential involvement in tumor invasion and progression

P Pande, M Mathur, NK Shukla, R Ralhan

Increase in Bax protein-like immunoreactivity precedes the premature DNA fragmentation of the oral palatal mucosa

Y Maruo DDS, PhD , T Sugimoto DDS, PhD , M Oka DDS , T Hara DDS, PhD , T Sato DDS, PhD

Proliferation of parathyroid cells negatively cor-relates with expression of parathyroid hormone-related protein

H Matsushita MD, L Grimelius MD PhD, K Sandelin MD PhD, T Obara MD PhD

Sequence alterations in the upstream regulatory region of the estrogen receptor gene: a molecular mechanism for hormone resistant breast cancer

JA Sullivan, CS Cohn, and SM Hill

TGFB: A key regulator of normal and cancer cell growth

C Malet, M Blanchere, F Kuttenn, I Mowszowicz

Role of cellular and autocrine growth regulatory factors in propagation of human mammary epithelial cancer cells in vitro

S Saxena MD , AK Jain PhD , RS Mohil MS , D Bhatnagar MS

Breast carcinoma epithelial cells express a very low density lipoprotein receptor variant lacking the O-linked glycosylation domain encoded by exon 16

PM Martensen PhD, K Oka PhD , L Christensen MD , PM Rettenberger PhD, HH Petersen MS, A Christensen MS, L Chan MD , CW Heegaard PhD, PA Andreasen PhD

Effect of glucose starvation and extracellular AMP on two breast cancer cell lines with different metabolic characteristics

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Transforming growth factor β-1 in normal prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatic carcinoma

R Vera, MD, M Royuela, PhD, FR Bethencourt, MD, R Paniagua, PhD, MP de Miguel, PhD

The significance of Ras guanine nucleotide ex-change reaction in human bladder cancer cell lines

N.Shinohara MD , T.Watanabe DVM , A.Sazawa MD , T.Harabayashi MD , T.Demura , N.Kuzumaki MD , T.Koyanagi MD

GATA-6 DNA binding protein expressed in human gastric adenocarcinoma MKN45 cells binds to the promoter regions of proton pump subunit genes

M Maeda PhD, T Yoshida, R Nakagawa, R Sato PhD

Benzyl-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosaminide as a tool to inhibit the α 2,3-sialylation of mucins and other glycoproteins: Effect upon HT-29 and Caco-2 colon carcinoma cells

Philippe Delannoy PhD, Isabelle Kim PhD , Sylviane Hennebicq-Reig MD , Thécla Lesuffleur PhD , Calliope Capon PhD, Francisco X. Real PhD & Guillemette Huet PhD

Enhanced ligand- induced Activation of EGF - receptor (EGF-R) and overall Tyrosine Kinase as well as Phospholipase C (PLC) in Colonocytes isolated from Azoxymethane (AOM) - treated rats

E Malecka-Panas, J Tureaud, APN Majumdar

Expression of transforming growth factor-alpha and epidermal growth factor receptor in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and chronic hepatitis C

S. Kira MD, T. Nakanishi MD, M. Kitamoto MD, G.Kajiyama MD

Expression of cytokeratin in hepatoma

Y-H Liu, R-J Pei and Y-S Lai

Hepatocyte growth factor promotes migration of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells of estab-lished cell line and human resected tumors

K Nakanishi MD , J Fujimoto MD T Ueki MD , K Kishimoto MD and E Okamoto MD

Approach to inhibit the growth of human hepatocellular carcinoma derived cell lines by transforming growth factor alpha anti-sense DNA oligonucleotide

S. Kira MD,ÊT. Nakanishi MD , M. Kitamoto MD , G.Kajiyama MD

Expression and differential regulation of CTGF in pancreatic cancer cells

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RON and MSP expression in osteosarcoma

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Spontaneous T-cell lymphomas in inbred SD/cub rats - a model of hematological malignancy

B Otovà, M Sladkà, A Panczak, S Kaveri, P Poncet, V Mandys, J Staòkovà, J Damoiseaux

Effect of bioactive aldehydes on cell proliferation and c-myc expression in HL-60 human leukemic cells

G Barrera PhD, S Pizzimenti PhD, A Serra assistant Prof , RA Canuto Prof , MU Dianzani Prof

Novel testis β-1,4-galactosyltransferase's (GalT) characteristics and expression in erythroleukemia and melanoma cells

Kazuyoshi Uehara MD PhD

Mosaic prokaryotism of Hodgkin's disease

S Okuyama MD PhD, J Okuyama MD

The in vitro effect of the tumor promoter 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) on Sertoli cell cytoskeleton

M Kouloukoussa PhD, V Aleporou PhD, E Panagopoulou BSc, Chr Kittas MD, E Marinos PhD

Predicting disease progression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by monitoring high risk HPV oncoproteins with quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR and novel immunocytochemical E6-E7 biomarkers

EB Holladay PhD, A Bhagavathiammai PhD, G Re PhD, D Nixon MD PhD, T Gue BS

p53-status and survival in non-small-cell lung cancer patients

Vidar Skaug MD , David Ryberg MSc , Elin Kure PhD , Lodve Stangeland MD , Andreas OH Myking MD , Anne Naalsund MD , Aage Haugen PhD Elin E Thorner

Effect of the IL-6 super-agonist K-7/D-6 on the recovery of lymphoid organs after irradiation

D Frasca, G Doria, P Barattini, F Guidi, C Toniatti, G Ciliberto