Secondary Prevention

Biomarkers for early detection of cancer signals

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Novel MPS-H proteins as serological markers for various types of common cancers

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Is follow-up after polypectomy necessary?

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Aberrant expression of PAX9 in human esophageal lesions

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Circulating micrometastases, CEA, CA19.9 and anti-p53 antibodies in peripheral blood of colorectal cancer patients

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Current diagnosis of Barrett´s esophagus: An analysis of 2605 histologically confirmed cases

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Squamous intraepithelial lesion (SIL) and HPV infection in HIV+ and HIV- women: DIANAIDS multicentric study

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Genetic alterations in hyperplastic polyps of the human colorectum

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Incidentally discovered adrenal tumors - diagnosis and management of 388 cases

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Estrogen receptor-mediated transcriptional activa-tion by natural and synthetic estrogen

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Kras mutation analysis in adenocarcinoma and hyperplasias of the endometrium

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