Metastasis Mechanisms & Prevention

Micrometastasis evolves during the peri-operative period

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Expression of matrix metalloproteases and plasminogen activators during growth and neovascularization of LNCaP and PC-3 human prostate tumors implanted subcutaneously in Matrigel in nude mice

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Detection of asymptomatic choroidal metastasis in patients with disseminated breast and lung cancer - results of a prospective clinical screening program

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Non-anticoagulating heparins inhibit lung metasta-sis and lead to long-term survivors in the mouse

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Diabetes insipidus (DI) revealing pituitary metasta-sis (PM) of a bronchial adenocarcinoma (BA)

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Analysis of the role of CD44 in tumor growth and dissemination by cell lines and clones transfected with CD44 variant cDNA or with a CD44 disrupting construct

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Influences of tumor cell-derived Interleukin 1 on tumor cell adhesion to endothelial cell monolayers in vitro

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Bednar tumors: Histological differences between primary, recurrent and metastatic lesions

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Expression of cathepsin D and B in invasion and metastasis of squamous cell carcinoma

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Ameloblastoma of the mandible metastasizing to the orbit with malignant transformation

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Stimulation of the protein tyrosine kinase c-Yes but not c-Src by neurotrophins in human brain-metastatic melanoma cells

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Overexpression of stromelysin 3 related to the lymph node involvement in Iung cancer

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Cell adhesion molecules and their role in migration and chemotactical potential in human lung cancer cells

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Re-expression of E-cadherin, α-catenin, and β-catenin but not of lambda-catenin in metastatic tissue from breast cancer patients

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Elevated basal cortisol levels and attenuated ACTH and cortisol responses to a behavioral challenge in women with metastatic breast cancer

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Liver lymphocytes in rats with advanced colon adenocarcinoma metastases: phenotypic and func-tional characterization

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Establishment and characterization of high- and low-lung-metastatic cell lines derived from murine colon adenocarcinoma 26 tumor line

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Rim enhancement of colorectal metastases at CT during infusion hepatic arteriography: Does it represent liver parenchyma or live tumor cell zone?

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A novel liver micro-metastases model using murine carcinoma IMC-HM cells and growth inhibitory effect of an indolocarbazole compound J-107088 against micro metastasized cells in the liver

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Histologic features and clinical significance of venous invasion in colorectal carcinoma with hepatic metastasis with special reference to TNF-α production

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Molecular evidence for derivation of metastatic cells from minor subclones of primary clear renal cell carcinomas

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A new model of breast cancer metastatic develop-ment

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