Diagnostic Markers

A quantitative immune response in human cancer: antimalignin antibody

S Bogoch MD PhD , ES Bogoch MD

The role of pyruvate kinase isoenzymes in carcinogenesis and as tools in the diagnosis of malignant tumors

E Eigenbrodt, GM Oremek , J Schneider

Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 1 (S-LD-1) determinations in relation to stage and histology of testicular germ cell tumors

FE von Eyben MD, PhD, FJ Liu MD, H Fritsche MD, Associate professor, RJ Amato MD, Associate professor

Exfoliated colorectal epithelial cells on stool surface are greatly increased by carcinoma and decreased by its removal, suggesting a non-invasive biomarker for colorectal cancer screening

IK O'Neill, K Silvester, A Loktionov , J H Cummings , S Middleton, R Miller

Two alternative patterns of cytokeratin 17 expres-sion in cutaneous tumors

TV Karelina PhD

Detection of microdisseminated tumor cells in bone marrow of breast cancer patients by monoclonal antibody 2E11-cross-reactivity with common leukocyte antigen CD45

A Ahr MD, M Müller, A Scharl MD PhD, K Pantel MD PhD

Clinical application of NMP22 in the evaluation of transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary tract

EJ Yun MD and IS Sawczuk MD

Changes in the subunit distribution of prosomes (MCP-proteasomes) during the differentiation of human leukemic cells

L Henry PhD , A Baz PhD , K Scherrer PhD and J P Bureau MD PhD

Flow cytometric evidence suggesting a pluripotent progenitor CLL cell

GB Faguet MD and Shyamala Mruthinti PhD

Poorly differentiated (insular) carcinoma of thyroid gland: clinicopathologic experience and p53 over-expression

KY Lam, CY Lo

K-ras gene activation in human endometrial carcinomas: Correlation with clinicopathological features and patients' outcome

A Semczuk MD PhD , H Berbec PhD , M Kostuch MD PhD , M Cybulski MD , J Wojcierowski MD PhD, W Baranowski MD PhD

Synthesis and distribution of the unspliced large tenascin-C isoform in oral squamous cell carcinoma

W Hindermann MD , A Berndt PhD , L Borsi PhD , X Luo , P Hyckel MD , D Katenkamp MD , H Kosmehl MD

Significance of serum gelatinase levels for metastasis in murine RCT sarcoma

K Ohmori MD PhD, M Kanamori MD PhD, K Yudoh MD PhD, T Yasuda MD

Cytogenetic approaches for chimaerism quantifi-cation after sex-matched allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

I Buño PhD, A Martínez-Ramirez , J de la Torre PhD, WA Wyatt , C López-Fernàndez PhD, J Gosàlvez PhD, JL Díez-Martín MD

Biosynthesis of vicia graminea lectin- and vicia unijuga lectin-binding (vgu) glycoproteins as malignant tumor-associated antigens in primary cultivated cells prepared from human fetal tissues

K Ohyama PhD, N Uchide, R Suzuki, N Iwamoto, T Bessho MD PhD, H Watanabe MD PhD, S Hirakawa MD PhD, T Yamakawa PhD

Analytical quality specifications for serum lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 1 based on clinical goals

F Von Eyben MD PhD, P Hyltoft Peterson, O Blaabjerg, E Lindegaard Madsen MD

Molecular study of radiochemotherapy action on chromatin structure

L Radu, PhD

Methallothionein like a tumour marker

MC Martin Mateo , JG Saiz and M de Nicholas

Serum level of five tumor markers (TATI, SCC, CYFRA 21-1, TPA, TPS) and renal function.

G Tramonti MD , M Ferdeghini MD , C Donadio MD , C Annichiarico , M Norpoth MD , R Bianchi MD , C Bianchi MD

Bcl-2, bax, bcl-xL and bcl-xS expression in neoplastic and normal endometrium

S Mozzetti MSc, M Marone PhD, G Ferrandina MD, G Macchia MD, A De Pasqua MD, F D'Ingiullo BSc, P Benedetti Panici MD, S Mancuso MD, G Scambia MD

Rapid detection of CYP1A1, CYP2D6 and NAT2 variant using a PCR/allele-specific oligonucleotide assay

D Labuda PhD, M Krajinovic PhD, C Richer BSc, S Karimi MSc, H Sinnett BSc and D Sinnett PhD

Tumor markers in head and neck tumors: A retrospective study

M Csanady MD, L Ivan MD ,J Czigner MD , E Babarczy

Expression of the calcitonin gene family in medullary thyroid carcinoma

S Schifter MD

Analysis of c-erbB-2 protein expression in esophageal squamous epithelium from surgical specimens resected for esophageal squamous cell carcinomas, with special reference to histological grade of carcinoma and pre-invasive lesions.

KY Lam, LTin, L Ma

Mucin gene (MUC) expression in Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma

P Guillem, MP Buisine, V Billeret, JF Flejou, JP Triboulet, JP Aubert, M Lecomte-Houcke, P Degand, N Porchet

Different proteinase patterns in invasive and non invasive breast cancer cell lines: Modulation by retinoic acid and tamoxifen

M Balduyck,F Zerimech,JP Peyrat, G Grard, C Thiebaut,V Lemaire, T Duhem, A Lebrun, M Louchez, P Degand, G Huet

P1 protein is depressed in human breast adeno-carcinoma

V Aleporou-Marinou PhD, A Photopoulou BSc, Th Patargias PhD

Oxidative stress in patients with breast and intestinal neoplasia

MC Martin Mateo , MM Chico , A Ortega and M de Nicolas

The immunocytochemical expression of p27 in cervical epithelium.

Prof A Vetrani, Dr G Troncone, Dr G Benincasa, Dr A Benvenuto

ras p21 immunohistochemical detection in human endometrial carcinomas

A Semczuk MD PhD, R Miturski MD PhD, W Baranowski MD PhD, J Jakowicki MD PhD

Is the tumor marker CASA dependent on the menstrual cycle?

M Jacob-Meisel, Th Römer, W Straube

Transforming growth factor alpha and its receptor are overexpressed in prostatic carcinoma secretory cells

M Royuela PhD , FR Bethencourt MD , R Paniagua PhD , MP de Miguel PhD

Tumor markers in hydrocele fluids of patients with benign and malignant scrotal diseases

K Dorfinger MD, C Kratzik MD, G Dorfinger MD, S Madersbacher MD, M Marberger MD

CD30(Ki-1)-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma of the alimentary tract

I. Yoshikawa, MD, I. Murata, MD, K. Kanagawa, MD, A. Tabaru, MD and M. Otsuki, MD.

Detection of cathepsin H expression: a valuable method to differentiate oncocytomas from renal cell carcinomas

JP Castrén, MJ Nurmi , DE Kamel, YU Collan

Clinical significance of a molecular cytogenetic approach for metastatic renal cell carcinomas

AF Goguel PhD , L Glukhova PhD , I Chudoba PhD , E Angevin MD , MJ Terrier-Lacombe MD , B Escudier MD , A Bernheim MDPhD

Rising erythrocyte sedimentation rate during several years before diagnosis can be a predictive factor in 70% of renal cell carcinoma patients. The benefit of knowing subject-based reference values

OH Iversen MD , M Roeger MD , HE Solberg MD , P Wetteland MD .

Soluble Fas/APO-1 : A candidate for a clinical parameter for hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with liver cirrhosis

S Kobayashi MD, Y Nakajima MD , S Jodo MD , T Koike MD

The expression of liver-specific genes in hepatoid adenocarcinoma

T Kishimoto MD, T Yano MD, T Wada MD, H Ishikura MD PhD

Significance of molecular identification of HCV-RNA in the serum and liver biopsies in diagnosis of cryptogenic hepatitis in children

D Januszkiewicz-Lewandowska , J Wysocki , H Józwiak , J Nowak

NF2 gene and malignant mesothelioma

L Pylkkänen MSc, M Sainio MD, O Carpén MD , K Mattson MD , K Husgafvel-Pursiainen PhD, K Linnainmaa PhD

Genetic alteration of Rb and p16/p15 genes in multiple myeloma

YF Chung , MHL Ng , KW Lo PhD , IHN Wong PhD , NWR Wickham , JCK Lee PhD , DP Huang PhD

Expression of nm23 in classic and goblet-cell carcinoid tumors of the appendix

H Brustmann MD PhD, S Naude MD

Sensitivity of the Hemoccult test in the Minnesota study

Church TRPhD , Ederer F MA FACE , Mandel JS PhD MPH

Dysregulation of expression of CEA gene family members in colorectal adenomas

S Schoelzel, W Zimmermann PhD, M Seitz, G Schwarzkopf MD, B Rogaczewski MD and J Thompson PhD