Cancer Detection and Prevention Volume 21 / Issue 3 (May-Jun 1997)

Table of Contents and Editor's Notes

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Immunohistochemical Markers of Tumor Prognosis in Breast Cancer in Egypt

Thanaa Helal, MD, Mehdi Nassiri, MD, Ali Khalifa, MD

High-grade mammary tumors were associated with increased proliferating cell nuclear antigen expression and p53 mutation. Metallothionein levels were increased in cases with lymph node metastasis, while node-negative cancers had a higher expression of cathepsin-D than tumors with node metastasis. >>>

Vimentin and Α-Fetoprotein Expression in Breast Cancer Smears: Relationship with Various Prognostic Factors

P. Athanassiadou, M.D., D. Lazaris, M.D., P. Athanassiades, M.D., K. Kyrkou, M.D., E. Pefrakakou, M.D., K. Keramopoulos, M.D., and D. Aravantinos, M.D.

Tumors with estrogen (ER) or progesterone (PR) receptors had a significantly high incidence of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and negative vimentin (V). Cancers that were AFP+ and V- were ER+ and those that were AFP- and V+ were ER-. Postmenopausal patients with lobular carcinoma were AFP+ and ER+. Pre- or perimenopausal patients with tumors of ductal origin were either V-, AFP- or V+, AFP+. >>>

The Role of Past Mammography and Future Intentions in Screening Mammography Usage

Z. Mah, MS, and H.E. Bryant, MD PhD.

Women who expressed intention to have mammography (intenders) and nonparticipants were more rural dwellers with lower education than those who had participated in screening programs (screeners). Nonparticipants were usually older, unmarried, not employed and of lower income than screeners. Intenders and nonparticipants were less likely than screeners to have a maternal history of breast cancer and a regular physician to talk about getting a mammogram. >>>

Mass Screening Programs for Breast Cancer in France-Average Values of Assessment Criteria

A. Lacour, PhD, N. Mamelle, PhD, F. Arnold, MD, B. Bazin, MS, C. Bohec, MD, A. Bregeault, MD, J. Chaperon MD, MS, M. Dubuc, MD, G. Duru, PhD, C. Exbrayat, MD, D. Fontaine, MS, C. Manuel, MD, Y. Obadia, MD, C. Piette, MD, J-L San Marco, MD , P. Schaffer, MD, A. Trugeon, MD, and H. Allemand, MD

Four groups of criteria were used for investigation of this program: impact, quality, effectiveness and cost. The "impact" had a rate of participation in the range from 69 to 82%. "Quality" indicated a recall rate of positive results from 4.5 to 15.8%. "Effectiveness" of screened cancers averaged 90.4% for invasive cancer and 31.6% for those that were smaller than 10mm. The rate of invasive cancers without lymph node invasion was 73.2% and for those smaller than 10mm the rate was 27.4%. The "cost" averaged $87.00 for each woman screened. >>>

Factors Influencing Effect of Mammography Screening in a University Workplace

V.L. Champion, D.N.S., C. Sugg Skinner, PhD, A.M. Miller, D.N.S. , R.J. Goulet, MD and K. Wagler, M.S.N.

Predisposing factors for women most likely to participate in a workplace screening program included few perceived barriers, knowledge about benefits, high school education and family history of breast cancer. Enabling factors were comprised of the possibility for work-site screening at a convenient time, location and low cost, particularly for hard-to-reach, possibly older women with lower education who were less likely to be screened outside the work area. >>>

Dna Flow Cytometry: A Predictor of a High-Risk Group in Cervical Cancer

M. Anton, C.Sc., R. Nenutil , A. Rejthai , J. Kopecny , B. Ptackova, and J. Zaloudik

In patients treated by radiation for squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix, the flow cytometric DNA content was measured. Diploid tumors were associated with a better prognosis, lower incidence of distant metastases and longer disease-free survival than aneuploid tumors. >>>

Differentiation Margins of Ovarian Tumor Pathology: First Incidences of Epithelial Ovarian Tumors Monitored by Marker Antibodies

C.C. van Niekerk, PhD, P. Vooijs, MD PhD, I.J Casparie-van Velsen, MD, and L.G. Poels, PhD

In ovarian carcinomas vimentin expression was seen in most of the tumors and desmin was found in half of the mucinous adenomas and mucinous carcinomas. Incidence of benign epithelial tumors started at 40 years of age, while that of carcinomas started at the age of 50, suggesting a lag period of about 10 years. >>>

Dietary Influence on Some Proposed Risk Factors for Colon Cancer: Fecal and Urinary Mutagenic Activity and the Activity of Some Intestinal Bacterial Enzymes

G. Johansson, DDS PhD, A. Holmen MS, L. Persson, DVM, B. Hogstedt, MD PhD, C. Wassen, BS, L. Ottova, PhD, and J.-A. Gustafsson, MD PhD

Change from a mixed to a lacto-vegetarian diet led to a decrease in mutagenic activity, tested by the E. coli system both in urine and feces. A statistically significant decrease occurred in the activity of beta-glucuronidase, beta-glucosidase and sulphatase per gram wet weight stool. >>>

The Importance of Self-Observation of Fecal Blood in Indicating a Proper Bowel Examination

I.P.T. Hakkinen, MD, E.I. Nylamo MD, and K.-O. Soderstrom, MD

A human Hb-specific occult blood test of 1638 persons led to 168 colonoscopies. The diagnosis of colorectal cancer was made in 18 cases (11% of colonoscopies; 1% of participants) and adenomas were detected in 28 persons. Of the cancers, 28% were early Duke-A cases. >>>

Clinical Importance of Interleukin-2 Receptor A-Chain Expression in Acute Leukemia

Kazunori Nakase, MD PhD, Kenkichi Kita, MD PhD, Shinichi Kageyama, MD PhD, Kota Tsuji, MD PhD, Eiki Miyanishi, MD PhD, Hiroshi Miwa, MD PhD, Izumi Tanaka, MD PhD, Shigeru Shirakawa, MD PhD, Isao Tanaka, MD PhD, Hiroshi Anazawa, MD PhD, Hiroshi Tsutani, MD PhD, Taiichi Kyo, MD PhD, Hiroo Dohy, MD PhD, Nanao Kamada, MD PhD, Shoichi Doi, MD PhD Kaori Nasu, MD PhD and Haruto Uchino, MD PhD,

In 517 adult patients with non-T acute leukemia, the IL-2R alpha-chain expression indicated cellular immaturity as an important risk factor of acute leukemia. >>>

Histological and Immunohistochemical Diversities, and Proliferative Activity and Grading in Osteosarcomas

Tadashi Hasega Wa, M.D., Takanori Hirose, M.D., Kunihiko Seki, MD, Kazuo Hizawa, M.D., Seiichi lshii, M. D., and Jun-ichi Wakabayashi, M. D.

In 30 cases of osteosarcoma, cells of the osteoblastic tumors expressed cytokeratin (CAM5.2) and epithelial membrane antigen. Proliferating-cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) reactivity was found in 22 tumors. PCNA and p53 reactivities tended to be more numerous in osteoblastic cells, atypical spindle-shaped and bizarre giant cells than in well-differentiated chondroid cells. The osteoblastic, fibro- or myofibroblastic and undifferentiated cells participate mainly in the proliferation of osteosarcomas. >>>


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