Gene Therapy

General genetic approaches in E. coli for evaluating inhibitors of specific enzymes and determining mechanism(s) of action of tumoricidal agents

NL Henderson, PK Chatterjee, K Gale, NL Sternberg

A chimeric protein combining o^6-methyl-guanine dna methyltransferase (MGMT) and AP endonuclease (Ape) DNA repair activities that is fully functional and its usefulness in retroviral gene therapy and dose intensification

MR Kelley PhD, WK Hansen, Y Xu PhD, A Yacoub PhD, DA Williams MD, WA Deutsch PhD

Effectiveness of ONYX-015 on tumor growth and survival in a human tumor xenograft model in nude mice

C Heise PhD, D Kirn MD, J Bischoff PhD, A Williams BS, M Muna BS, A Sampson-Johannes BS, P Trown PhD, F McCormick PhD

Intra-tumoral gene therapy of murine malignant mesothelioma

P Opolon, JC Sabourin, N Di Falco, N Fernandez,M Perricaudet, J Bignon, A Kane, H Haddada, L Cordier

Cationic virosomes as a highly efficient delivery system for antisense oligonucleotides

ER Waelti PhD

Tumorigenicity of qin oncogene is dependent on its transcriptional repression potential

H Thurm, HW Chang PhD, PK Vogt PhD, J Li PhD

Immune response against medullary thyroid cancer during therapy by interleukin 2 or HSVI gene

S Lausson, MN Soler, D Klatlzmann, F Treilhou

Tumor suppressor p53 is required for the induction of apoptosis by epidermal growth factor in NCI-H 596 human lung cancer cells

Y Murayama MD, S Horiuchi PhD

Overexpression of RB1 in metastatic melanoma cells induces differentiation and reduces invasive potential: possible applications in gene therapy

DM Noonan , P Valente, MG Paggi , L Masiello , A Melchiori , R Takahashi , L Santi , A Albini