Diagnostic Markers

Fluorochromes for tumor imaging in vivo

BT Ballou PhD, GW Fisher PhD, TR Hakala MD, DL Farkas PhD

Relationship between TNF and catalase during oxidative stress

W Yasmineh PhD, A Theologides MD PhD

Tumor markers

RJ Pamies MD

Experiences with the tumor markers in head and neck tumors

M Csanady, E Nagy, I Czigner, L Ivan

Telomerase activity does not correlate with MIB-1 labeling index in brain tumors

T Sano MD, T Kirino MD

Dual isotope spect to differentiate tumor remaining from post-therapeutic tissue in the skullbase

M Fukumoto MD, D Yoshida MD, S Yoshida MD

Detection of recurrent gliomas by (99m)Tc-MIBI spect in patients with malignant gliomas of the treatment failure

P Beauchesne MD, C Soler MD, J Brunon MD, F Dubois MD

Immunohistochemical analysis of MIB1, PCNA, bcl-2, p53 and DNA content in one-hundred low grade gliomas

A Assi, M Sironi, C DiBella, AM Lavezzi, B Biondo, L Matturri

Sequential loss of differentiation markers, and its relation to IV, dap IV) in thyroid carcinogenesis

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Search of new markers in cases of colon and breast carcinomas: MMPs-2and9, enzymes related to invasive events

S Minafra PhD, I Pucci PhD, L Basirico DSC, I Carreca MD

Dysfunction of aldosterone pathway in adrenal carcinoma: a biochemical mean to distinguish non-malignant (NMT) and malignant (MT) adrenocortical tumors

B Aupetit-Faisant, N Blanchouin-Emeric, C Battaglia

Prediction of stage IV gastric cancer by the combination of tumour markers CEA, AFP and CA 19-9

M Look, WS Yeong, C Gn, E Teh, CH Low

HP colonization and p53 alterations in gastric cancer

A Romiti MD, A Vecchione MD, S Tomao MD, R Mancini PhD, C Valli MS, M Raffaele MD, M Valentino MD, C Campisi MD, L Santi MD

Truncated hepatitis B virus X-gene rna as a marker of chromosomally integrated viral DNA

A Kairat, W Beerheide, G Zhou, T Schutz, Z Tang, CH Schroder

Significant alteration in TCRzeta expression in peripheral blood t-cells from patients with prostate cancer

W Bolton PhD, C Healy BS, M Bartkowski BS, I Simons MD

Demonstration of fibroblast growth factor receptors in human prostate by polymerase chain reaction and immunohistochemistry

A Hamaguchi MD, T Yoshiki MD, I Tooyama MD, H Kimura MD, T Tomoyoshi MD

Apoptosis in normal, hyperplastic and neoplastic endometrium

H Brustmann MD PhD, S Naude MD,

Changes of serum concentration of 1 alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 in patients with renal cell carcinoma and its clinical significance

T Okamoto MD, T Fujioka MD, S Tanji MD, K Nomura MD, K Ishikura MD, M Hasegawa MD

The urinary N-acetyltransferase in japanese and chinese subjects: comparison in healthy persons and bladder cancer patients

C Hashida MD,S Ishizu MD

Osteoblastic metastases: morphologic and metabolic aspects

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Biological effects of cytokines in monoclonal gammopathies and clinical implications

U Recine, L Gasbarrone, P Iudicone, M Di Girolamo, R Scocchera, D Fioravanti, E Del Vecchio, L Quintiliani

Value of glutathione S-transferases as predictive factors in testicular germ cell (TGC) tumors

E Institoris PhD, H Eid MD, I Bodrogi MD PhD, M Bak MD Dsc

Estimation of breast cancer tumor blood supply by erythrocytes fluorescence: correlation with tumor necrosis

A Onischenko, M-P Chenard, M-C Rio