Familial Predisposition

Presymptomatic detection and treatment of gene carriers of multiple endocrine neoplasia families by screening for germ-line mutations of the ret gene

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BRCA 1 LOH in early-onset and familial breast cancer

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Haplotype analysis, a strategy to locate prevalent mutations, with an application to hereditary breast-ovarian cancer

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Eficiency of clinical survey of women with a high genetic risk of breast cancer, ovarian carcinoma and cancer of endometrium

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Cytogenetic study of a family with high predisposition to stomach cancer

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Specific cloning of DNA fragments from the DNA of a patient with an 21 chromosome amplification in high-risk stomach cancer family

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FAP: clues to the function of APC protein by unraveling genoptype-phenotype correlations

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Molecular analysis of 25 hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (HNPCC) families

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HNPCC families with mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes have a mean age of onset of colorectal cancers significantly lower than HNPCC families without mutation

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Mutations of retroviral sequences in family members of adult T cell leukemia patients

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