Environmental And Dietary Influences

Nitrates in drinking water and stomach cancer risk

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Formation of N-nitrosamines during consumption of nitrate and amine rich food and the influence of application of an antibacterial mouthwash

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Presystemic intestinal metabolism of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in mouse intestine

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Dietary fiber: canceled changes in prostaglandin (PG) contents in rat colonic mucosa induced by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine

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Effect of methionine-mitomycin conjugate on tumor growth during the administration of methionine: lacking diet in mice

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Epidemiology of pancreatic cancer among french canadians: overall results of a case-control study

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Enhancement of intercellular communication via gap junction in epithelial cells of human renal proximal tubule by activated vitamin d3

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Present status of occupational urothelial tumor development in a group of dye-stuff plant workers after 25 years from the exposures

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Carcinogen-protein adducts as a biomarkers of carcinigenic exposure in rubber industry

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Ferruginous bodies formed predominantly on chrysotile cores

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Radon mitigation systems in the construction of building environment in florida

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Modulation of apoptosis in U937 cells by low-frequency magnetic fields

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Detection of leukocyte alterations in second generation mice subjected to ELF magnetic fields

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Xenoestrogens and estradiol but not electromagnetic fields may be risk factors for human breast cancer

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Biomonitoring on carcinogenic metals and oxidative DNA-damage in a cross-sectional study

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Metal ions: current views on their carcinogenicity to the human skin

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Exposure to hepatitis G virus infection in italian patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

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Immunohistochemical quantitation of 4-aminobiphenil(ABP)-DNA adducts in oral mucosa cells of smokers and nonsmokers

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Specific tandem GG->TT base substitutions induced by acetaldehyde may due to DNA intrastrand crosslinks

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A nested case-control study of tumors of the hemopoietic and lymphatic systems in a cohort of workers exposed to the oncogenic viruses of cattle and chickens

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Detection of p53 in peripheral blood lymphocytes of children who were inhabitants of pripyat city at the time of chernobyl accident

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