Novel Diagnostic Techniques

Image cytometry of ERCP cytology specimens to distinguish inflammation from cancer

P Yeaton MD, R Sears MD, C Decaestecker PhD, R Kiss PhD

Validation of laser doppler perfusion imager for assessment of tissue blood flow

A Seifalian PhD, J Saravanamuthu MD, W Reid MD, M Winslet MD, A MacLean MD

Population study of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase in cancer patients

G Milano, MC Etienne, JL Lagrange, O Dassonville, A Thyss, N Renee, M Schneider, F Demard

Autofluorescence in the diagnosis of the brain tumors

E Benericetti MD, E Giombelli MD, A Messina MD, M Ceroni MD, AC Croce PhD, P Balzarini PhD, D Locatelli PhD, R Nano PhD, G Bottiroli PhD

Hashimoto thyroiditis: correlation of MR-imaging signal intensity with pathologic findings and thyroid function test results

S Takashima MD, S Sone MD, Y Maruyama MD, M Hasegawa MD, L Feng MD

The contribution of thyroid peroxydase (TPO) in the diagnosis of malignancy of cold thyroid nodule

S Theobald MD, M Pluot MD, MJ Farroux, C Schvartz MD, MJ Delisle MD

Additive antiproliferative effects of anti-EGF-related growth factors antisense oligonucleotides and conventional antitumor drugs on human colon cancer cells

N Normanno MD, A De Luca PhD, DS Salomon PhD, F Ciardiello MD

Distinction between benign and malignant liver lesions using 99mTc-neogalactoalbu-min (NGA)

A Kurtaran, Ch MFCller, M Mentes, K Kaserer, K Eibenberger, W Dock, B Niederle, P Angelberger, I Virgolini

Nuclear shape descriptors in differential diagnosis of renal oncocytoma and renal cell carcinoma

J Castren MD, T Kuopio MD, J Nurmi MD, Y Collan MD

C-11 acetate positron emission tomography detects alterations in tissue intermediary metabolism associated with neoplasms of the kidney and pancreas

P Shreve MD

Semiquantitative determination of k-ras point mutation at codon 12 in pancreatic juice for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer using hybridization protection assay (HPA)

N Sawabu MD, H Watanabe MD, Y Yamaguchi MD, G Ayi MD, Y Motoo MD, T Okai MD

Downregulation of AP endonuclease (Ape/ref-l) expression is associated with the induction of apoptosis in differentiating myeloid leukemia cells

MR Kelley PhD, Y Xu PhD, D Hill PhD, L Liu, S VanEpps, T Wilson PhD, K Robertson MD

Target-specific, ligation-dependent amplification of circularized probe

DY Zhang MD PhD, M Brandwein MD, TCH Hsuih MD, H Li BS