Molecular Genetics Of Neoplasia

LOH in jaw cysts as first molecular evidence of a two-hit mechanism for developmental defects

S Levanat PhD, B Pavelic MD, S Manojlovic MD, B Situm MD, K Pavelic MD PhD, A Basta-Juzbasic MD, A Bale MD

Microsatellite instability in neurofibromatosis type 1

K Peris MD, MC Fargnoli MD, S Chimenti MD

Microsatellite alterations in cutaneous and visceral neoplasms in muir torre syndrome

MC Fargnoli MD, K Peris MD, MT Onorati MD, F Magrini MD, S Chimenti MD

Analysis of chromosome 3 rearrangements in RCC, SCLC and other tumors using NotI linking and jumping clones

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The activation of the apoptotic program in normal and transformed thyroid cells

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Pma increases the DMSO-dependent apoptosis

O Trubiani MD, M Rapino , R Di Primio MD

Selective replication of a mutant adenovirus in p53(-) mouse epidermal cell lines

I Ganly MD, C Heise PhD, AS Johannes , DH Kirn MD, A Balmain PhD

Selection for p53 mutations during polyoma virus-induced tumors

W Qian, E Kashuba, K Magnusson, E Pokrovskaja, I Okan, G Klein, K Wiman

Absent and subcritical neuroblastoma N-myc amplification in the presence of high proliferation rates

K Laybolt RT, LM Ball MB BS MRCP MRCPath, C Riddell PhD, R Frazer MD FRCPC, L Resch MD FRCPC, JR Wright Jr MD PhD, D van Velzen MD PhD

Basaloid proliferations overlying dermatofibromas - a model of basal cell carcinoma carcinogenesis?

K Rossen, A Karabulut Thorup, K Hou-Jensen, G Krag Jacobsen

Significance of p53 over-expression in the squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus

A Lavezzi MD, B Biondo ScD, A Cazzullo ScD, A Segalin MD, P Turconi ScD, L Matturri MD

Ig repertoire of B lymphocytes infiltrating human breast medullary carcinoma

B Kotlan PhD, B Zafrani MD, J Foldi PhD, N Gruel MSc, WH Fridman MD PhD, G Gy Petranyi MD PhD, JL Teillaud PhD

The immunohistochemical expression of mdm2 and p21waft in invasive cervical cancer: correlation with p53 protein and HPV infection

A Vetrani , G Troncone , D Di Vizio , JC Martinez , C Mugica , JA Rodriguez , G De Rosa , L Palombini , MA Piris

Loss of expression in cervical carcinoma cells of the retinoic acid receptor beta gene encoding a potential tumor suppressor

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Cytogenetic abnormalities in renal cell carcinoma

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Mechanisms of inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene p53 in non-hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) and atypical lymphoproliferative disorders (ALD) in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

A Martin MD, JF Flamant PhD, S El Mansouri PhD, T Frebourg MD, J Amouroux MD, M Raphael MD

B-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma: evidence for the T(14,18) translocation in all hematopoi-etic cell lineages

S Yarkoni, M Lishner, I Tangi, A Nagler, H Lorberboum-Galski

Multistep acute transformation in chronic myeloid leukemia. karyotypic, fluorescence in situ hybridization and molecular study of two patients with 17p monosomy

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