Novel Therapies II

T-cell based cancer immunotherapy using a three-step tumor targeting

Guidi PhD, G Spagnoli MD, D Neri PhD, AG Siccardi MD, M Guttinger VMD-PhD

GnRH-PE66 chimeric toxin for targeted therapy of adenocarcinomas

A Nechushtan, S Yarkoni, I Marianovsky, H Lorberboum-Galski

CM101-anti-tumor activity and mechanism of action as an anti-neovascularization agent

CG Hellerqvist PhD, E Wang MD, H Yan MD, C Carter PhD, BD Warnil MD, DL Page MD, L Liu DDS, GB Thurman PhD

Updated improved survival with preoperative chemotherapy and uncompromised surgery with selective radiotherapy for advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

JM Lore Jr MD, E Diaz-Ordaz MD, M Spaulding MD, K Chary MD, S Kaufman PhD, W Lawrence MD, F Hong MD, T Gerold MD, R Barrali Jr MD, N Sundquist RN

Preliminary report of a clinical trial of MTH-68/b virus treatment in acute B and C hepatitis: a phase II study

LK Csatary MD, L Telegdy MD, P Gergely MD

The outcome of orthotopic liver transplantation for diethylnitrosamine-induced liver cancer in rats

K Yano, Y Fukuda, R Sumimoto, H Ito, O Sanada, T Asahara , K Dohi

Low s.c. rIL-2 doses cyclically given in advanced renal cancer patients

A Nicolini MD, PA Mancini MD, P Ferrari MD, L Anselmi MD, MR Metelli MD, R Ferla MD, C Colombini MD, P Giannotti MD, C Giusti MD

Subcutaneous administration or interleukin-2 and interferon-a-2b in advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC): a confirmatory study

MC Locatelli MD, G Facendola MD, P Labianca MD, G Luporini MD

Patient response to cancer risk and disease feedback: the role of coping styles

M Miller PhD