Novel Therapies I

Cytokines (IFN alpha, GM-CSF) and conventional chemoradiotherapy to prevent the progressive more malignant phenotype development in patients with advanced cancers

A Iosub MD, E Badea BD, A Curigut, I Pana MD PhD

Remarkable suppression in vivo of murine aids by newly developed RT inhibitor, PMPA

Y Suruga MD, M Makino MD PhD, G Piras Phd, M Baba MD PhD

Resolution of metastatic pulmonary lesions following a combination therapy with active vitamin D3 analogue and interferon- a in a patient with renal cell carcinoma

T Fujioka MD, T Okamoto MD, S Tanji MD, K Ishikura MD, M Hasegawa MD

Development of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) muteins for the study of the structure functional topography of TNF

N Berkova PhD, V Korobko PhD, L Shingarova PhD, I Deschenes, A Lemay MD

New techniques in electron beam intraoperative robotic radiotherapy (IOEBRT) for cancers at high risk of locoregional recurrences

S Basso Ricci MD, A Soriani PhD, V Fossati MD

Response, tumor oxygenation and bioenergetic status in an experimental mouse model

M Nordsmark MD, RJ Maxwell PhD, MR Horsman PhD DMsc, J Overgaard MD Dmsc

Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant-fever of cancer patients

D Kountouris MD, N Ziras MD

Dose, sequence and fractionation in relationship to toxicity in combined treatment of paclitaxel (TX) and 4'-epi-doxorubicin (EP) in mice

A Cividalli, G Cruciani, B Eletti, E Livdi, M Serra, D Tirindelli Danesi

Supportive and palliative treatment of oncologic patients

R Trebukhina Prof, M Kazhyna MD PhD, I Ledniova BBs, T Smirnova MD

Capacity of biological clearance in tumor radioresponsivenes

SK Ohara MD, H Tatsuzaki MD, T Okumura MD, Y Kurosaki MD, M Min MD, Y Akine MD, Y Itai MD

Second bone marrow transplant (BMT) as salvage for patients with hematologic malignancies using partially mismatched related donors (PMRD)

K Godder MD, AR Pati MD, SH Abhyankar MD, KY Chiang MD, L Hazlett MPH, R Parrish PhD, AP Gee PhD, PJ Henslee-Downey MD

Antitumor cyclic oligopeptides from higher plants

H Itokawa, K Takeya, Y Hitotsuyanagi, H Morita, T Yamagishi, T Nagate

The japanese herbal medicine sho-saiko-to inhibits proliferation of cancer cell lines by inducing apoptosis and arrest at the g0/g1 phase

H Yano MD, M Kojiro MD, S Akiyama Rph

Intervention of transformation of human cells infected with retrovirus using herb extracts

K Maruyama MD PhD, K Kawamura MT

Apoptosis and suppression of tumor growth by artepillin C extracted from brazilian propolis

T Kimoto MD, S Arai DVM PhD, M Kouguchi, M Aga, Y Nomura, M Kurimoto

Inhibition of tumor cell growth by MCM, a crystallized mixture of minerals and trace elements from sea water

M Ghoneum PhD, T Ogura

Anti-tumor activities of lipids from cattle liver

K Hayashi MD, QW Xu MD, LF Zhong MD

The preventive and curative effects of heplipin on experimental hepatoma

JP Lu MD, L Zhu, K Hayaaht MD

Selective induction of cell death in cancer cells by gallic acid

M Inoue PhD, N Sakaguchi, T Ohno, K Isuzugawa, C Iwata, Y Ogihara PhD

Peroxisome proliferators induce apoptosis in hepatoma cells

RA Canuto MD, G Muzio BSc, G Bonelli BSc, N Maggiora BSc, R Autelli BSc, G Barbiero BSc, P Costelli BSc, FM Baccino MD

Granulocytapheresis as a possible new approach in cancer therapy

T Tabuchi MD, H Ubukata MD, S Sato MD, I Nakata MD, Y Goto MD, Y Watanabe MD, T Hashimoto, T Mizuta, M Adachi, T Soma MD,

Inhibitors of protein phosphatase type 2-A are novel potential anticancer agents

I Blazsek, JP Thiery, A Anjo, M Reynes, S Legras, S Marion, C Jasmin, JL Misset

The identification of urothelial specific gene expression using differential display RT-PCR

GD HaIl MB, B Smith BSC, PJ Selby MD, J Southgate PhD

Double hemibody irradiation (DHBI) with recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (rhgm-csf) support in stage iii multiple myeloma (MM): a randomized trial vs melphalan prednisone (MP)

M Macro MD, B Vie MD, S Cheze MD, AM Peny MD, O Reman MD, X Levaltier MD, I Tabah-Fish, M Leporrier MD, X Troussard MD

Combined radiation therapy and hyperthermia in superficially located recurrences of hodgkin disease

R Caiazzo MD, AP Anselmo MD, A Zurlo MD, M Nappa MD, E Banelli MD, V Donato MD