Molecular Biology II

MHP1p, a microtubule-associated protein (MAP) influences microtubule stability and progression through cell cycle in yeast

I Irminger-Finger PhD, N Mathis, SJ Edelstein PhD

Role of interferons and sarcolectins in the regulation of cell growth

A Kaba, PH Jiang, F Chany-Fournier, C Chany

Effects of polyadenylic-polyuridylic acid on natural killer (NK) cell and lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) cell activity in vitro: role of T lymphocyte-secreted cytokines

AL Khan FRCS, S Fielden BSc, SD Heys PhD, F Larsen MD, O Eremin FRCS

Thymic myoid cells produce multiple cytokines for lymphocytes and monocytic cells

A Kikuchi PhD, N Iwakami MS, I Kamo PhD

Interleukin-2 in seminal plasma of infertile men

R Paradisi MD, M Mandini BSc, E Bellavia MD, C Flamigni MD

Interleukin 10 inhibits antigen presenting capacity of monocytes in c. neoformans infection

C Monari, C Retini, A Vecchiarelli

Augmented killer cell activity against human tumors by interleukin-12 and plus interleukin-2, and its phenotypic characterization of the cells

S Koyama MD

MHC class I-positive tumor cells which are killed by natural killer cells

F Komatsu MD, M Kajiwara MD

Tumor necrosis factor protects against endotoxin shock by altering macrophage function

B Zingarelli MD, M Makhlouf, PV Halushka MD, AP Caputi MD, JA Cook PhD

Effect of insulin-like growth factor-l (IGF-1) on protein metabolism during infusion of methionine-deprived TPN in tumor bearing rats

Y Shirouzu MD, S Yoshida MD, J Ohta MD, N Ishibashi MD, K Shirouzu MD

Quantitative PCR of alpha2 and alpha4 integrin mRNA shows quantitative difference in base-line expression in different cell types and differential response to transcriptional modulators

YH Zhu MD, S Vekemans BioIr, JJ Cassiman MD

Functional expression of a rat somatostatin receptor in saccharomyces cerevisiae: characterization of novel sst2 subtype-selective agonists and antagonists

MH Pausch PhD, RT Bass PhD, BL Buckwalter PhD, LA Price, J Strnad, JR Hadcock PhD

Chromosomal abnormalities increased in retrovirus infected human cells by their transformation

K Kawamura MT, S Mochizuki PhD, K Maruyama MD PhD

Arachidonic acid induces transcriptional activation of c-jun by stimulating the c-jun amino-terminal kinases

MT Rizzo MD, C Carlo-Stella MD

UV-irradiation induces the expression of Kin-17 gene encoding a nuclear DNA-binding protein

P Kannouche, A Tissier, DSF Biard, G Pinon-Lataillade, PH Mauffrey, M Mezzina, A Sarasin, JF Angulo

Suppression of plasminogen activator induction in mer- human tumor cells by bacterial escherichia coli DNA-repair gene

J Soric, J Loncarek

Phosphorylation of ret receptor tyrosine kinase by glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)

M Takahashi MD, N Asai MD, H Murakami MD, T Iwashita MD, A Rosenthal PhD

Inhibition of the association with nuclear matrix of pRB, p70 and p40 proteins along with the specific suppression of c-myc expression by geldanamycin, an inhibitor of src tyrosine kinase

H Yamaki

Correlation of Bcl-2 and Bax products with apoptosis in functioning pituitary adenomas

G Kontogeorgos MD, N Kapranos MD, D Sambaziotis MD, E Michailakis MD, N Anagnostopoulos MD

TCR expression is related to DMSO-induced apoptosis

R Di Primio MD, M Rapino, O Trubiani MD

PKC-alpha and tumorigenesis: the D294G natural point mutation inactivates the enzyme

C Prevostel PhD, V Alvaro PhD, D Chicot , A Valentin , S Jaken PhD, D Joubert PhD

Relevance of gene-specific repair of DNA o-alkylation products for mutagenesis and carcinogenic risk

J Engelbergs, J Thomale, MF Rajewsky

Investigation the effect of newly synthesized DNA-alkylating antitumor agents spin-labeled nitrosoureas on the cytotoxicity of l-cyclohexyl-3-chloroethyl-3-nitrosourea (CCNU)

V Gadzheva PhD, A Zheleva PhD, T Matsuyama MD, S Habu MD

An in vitro model for tumour invasion in transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the bladder

C Booth BSc, SJ Scriven, P Harnden PhD, LK Trejdosiewicz PhD, PJ Selby MD J Southgate PhD

Telomere shortening by long-term and transplacental AZT (3'-azido-2'3'-dideoxythymidine) treatment

OA Olivero, DE Gomez, MC Poirier

Modulation of the radiosensitivity of hela cells by transfection with various bFGF iso- forms

E Cohen-Jonathan MD, S Monteil, C Toulas PhD, B Couderc PhD, A Maret PhD, H Prats PhD, N Daly-Schveitzer MD, G Favre PhD

Megakaryocyte growth and development factor (MGDF)-induced growth of human acute leukemia cells

W Piacibello MD, F Sanavio, A Severino PhD, MF Brizzi MD, M Aglietta MD, L Pegoraro MD

Mechanosensitive ion channels: a potential mediator of proliferation in osteosarcoma cells

RL Duncan PhD, K Akanbi PhD, MC Farach-Carson PhD

Modulation of urokinase receptor (UPAR) -mediated biological functions by a glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-specific phospholipase D

O Wilhelm MD, V Magdolen PhD, M Ferguson PhD, M Schmitt PhD, H Graeff MD, G Brunner PhD