Diagnostic Techniques III

Lycopene, the major tomato carotenoid, inhibits tumor growth in vitro and in vivo

Y Sharoni, J Levy

Susceptibility of propolis-treated tumor cells to human natural killer cell activity in vitro

M Ghoneum, O Mermel, L Williams, N Attallah & Y Hashimoto

Suicide gene therapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer

SM Freeman, AJ Marrogi, R Ramesh, W Robinson

The augmented DNA binding activity of an alternative spliced c'- terminal p53 is blocked by a non-modified c'-terminal p53 protein

R Wolkowicz, A Peled, NB Elkind and V Rotter

Ex-vivo cytokine production by whole blood cells from cancer patients

D De Groote, Y Gevaert, M Lopez, R Gathy, F Marchal, N Jacquet and V Geenen

Submucosal anal injection in the treatment of pelvic malignancies

A Shafik

Retinoic acid differentially modulates integrin expression on two neuroblastoma cell lines

R Falcioni, C Gaetano, C D'Angelo, A Melchiorri, A Albini and A Sacchi