Genetics Of Apoptosis

Degradation of nuclear components during apoptosis

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Activation of protein kinase c by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) protects HL60 cells against apoptosis

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The modulation of the IFNgammaR expression controls the apoptosis of human malignant T cells

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Levels and ultrastructural localization of oncoproteins, PKC, PCNA, CDC-2 and cyclin a during apoptosis

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Fluoropyrimidine activity is related with n-ras, c-myc P-gp expression

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Norcantharidin, a protein phosphatase type 2-a inhibitor, controls cell cycle checking points in normal and malignant cells

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Prediction of individual sensitivity to radiation using measurement of cmyc and BCL-2 oncoproteins in cultured urothelium

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