Cell & Molecular Pathology

Qualitative assessment of mixed chimerism after allogeneic bmt with regard to leukemic relapse

A Hernandez, G Kogler, A Heyll, P Wernet

Evidence for a functional human growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor in human breast cancer cell line MCF-7

GP Prevost, N Veber & P Planchon

High doses of R-IL2 but not IL2 gene transfer induce in vitro tumor progression in melanoma cells from an IL2 progressor

D Han, A Imro, F Indiveri, C Jasmin, B Azzarone

Transforming growth factor beta type 11 receptor in giant cell tumours of bone: possible involvement in osteoclast-like cell migration

DJ Wood Y Fan, SJ Wysocki,TT A Lau, T Robertson, JM Papadimitrioul & MH Zheng

A new transforming gene from human hepatocellular carcinoma

H Nagahara, N Fujino, N hayashi

Morphometric assessment of tumor vascularization in prostate cancer

K Weingartner, PJ Barth EW Gerharz, R Bonfig, H Riedmiller

Mechanisms for the modulation of angiogenesis

ME Maragoudakis, E Pipili-Synetos, E Missirlis and M Bastaki

The somatostatin receptor subtype 2 is present in human normal and tumoral tissues

G Prevost, R Benamouzig, N Veber, A Fajac, R Tatoud, A Degeorges & P Eden

Tgf-alfa and egf induces oligomerization of egf receptor but differ in their ability to stimulate it's autophosphorylation

G Kulik, A Kartel, L Kononenko, D Tarnawski, P Pogrebnoy, A Bykorez

Group 11 phospholipase A2, polymorphonuclear leukocyte elastase and tissue-type plasminogen activator contents in cancer tissues are significant prognostic factors in node-negative breast carcinoma

M Ogawa, S Yamashita, K Sakai

Membrane-bound IL-2 receptor p55 chain; IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-2, IL-6, TNF alpha and soluble IL-2 receptor in serum and in culture supernatants in a series of 90 cancer patients

G Mantovani, A Maccio', S Esu, P Lai, M Ghiani, GS Del Giacco

The region 3p21.3-p22 is non-random eliminated from mouse/human microcell hybrids after growth in SCID mice

I Kholodnyuk, S Imreh, V Kashuba, EJ Stanbridge, ER Zabarovsky, G Klein, MTC

Activation of two mutant androgen receptors detected in human prostate carcinoma by metabolic derivatives of testosterone

Z Culig, J Stober, A Gast, A Hobisch, C Radmayr, G Bartsch, ACB Cato, H Klocker