Diagnostic Techniques II

Carbohydrate-directed monoclonal antibodies and their use in cancer diagnosis

I Yamashina

Analysis of the in vitro growth pattern of precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a complex, stroma dependent system: a novel approach to the measurement of different growth parameters

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Monoclonal antibodies against CA 125-bearing antigenic molecule fragments: reactivity with mucinous ovarian tumors and lung cancers

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The role of color doppler ultrasound in ovarian lesions

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New molecular marker for hematogenous microdissemination in prostate cancer

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Karyotype and molecular genetic studies in indian cll

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Expression of 0(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase and ACNU resistance in human tumor cell lines

JM Chen, YP Zhang

Soluble CD23 reliably reflects disease activity in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Rapid diagnostic imaging of cancer using radiolabeled liposomes

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Image analysis of agNOR in regenerating rat liver

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Comparison of monoclonal antibodies reactive with lymphocyte subsets in routinely fixed paraffin-embedded material: flowcytometric analyses, immunoperoxidase staining and influence of fixatives

T Akagi, T Yoshino