Cancer Detection and Prevention Volume 17 / Issues 4 & 5 (Jul-Aug 1993)

Table of Contents and Editor's Notes

The peer review process occasionally results in approval of controversial publications that do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the editors. Readers of the journal are encouraged to critically review and comment on presented data by submitting a "Letter to the Editor" that may be reprinted in a subsequent issue.

Cancer in Poland

Witold Zatonski, M.D. and Jerzy Tyczynski

Survival of Cancer Patients in Poland

Zbigniew Wronkowski, Ph.D., Maria Romejko, M.Sc., and Maria Zwierko, M.Sc.

Survival Studies: Cracow Cancer Registry Experience

J. Pawlega, M.D.

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Diet in Cancer Etiology in Poland: A Review of Polish Epidemiological Studies

Jolanta Lissowska, Ph.D.

Trends in the Tobacco-Related Cancer Epidemic in Europe

Carlo La Vecchia, M.D. and Peter Boyle, Ph.D

The United States National Cancer Institute and the Science of Tobacco Control Research

Thomas J. Glynn, Ph.D., Marc W. Manley, M.D., M.P.H., Sherry L. Mills, M.D., M.P.H., and Donald R. Shopland

Potential Contribution of Screening to Cancer Mortality Reduction

Matti Hakama, Ph.D.

The European Action Against Cancer

Maurice Tubiana, M.D.

Potential Contribution of Therapy to Cancer Mortality Reduction

S. B. Kaye, M.D.

Priorities for Cancer Control in Poland

Jan A. Steffen, M.D.

Cancer Treatment in Poland: Organization and Policy

Marek P. Nowacki, M.D.

Partnership Programs in Poland

John Horton, M.B. Ch.B. and Andrzej Kulakowski, M.D.

Prevention and Screening for Breast Cancer

Gregory R. Harper, M.D., Ph.D. and Barbara H. Englisbe, M.P.A., R.N.

Loco-Regional Management of Early Cancer of the Breast

Henry Wagner, Jr., M.D., and Thomas Smith, M.D.


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