Published in Cancer Detection and Prevention 1993; 17(2):353.

A European Database as a Source for Immunoclones, Hybridomas, and Monoclonal Antibodies

M.G. Campi, MD, F. Vitiello, PhD, M. Peruzzi, M. Formentera, and T. Ruzzon, PhD

National Institute for Cancer Research, Genova, Italy

In recent decades the biotechnological fields have achieved great results, particularly in the production and use of monoclonal antibodies of chimeric antibodies and of clones of immunological interest. All these products are used in medicine, especially for diagnosis and therapy of tumors, for instance, in radioimmunoimaging, radioimmunotherapy, etc. For these reasons, an immediate and always current source of information on clones and their products is more and more essential for the scientific community. Therefore, access to this information, through a databank, is very suitable for a large and growing database. The "Immunoclone and Hybridoma Database Network for Europe" is an intemational project supported by the European Community in the sphere of the Bridge program. Seven centers in Europe collect information about immunoclones to include in the above-mentioned databank: France, the coordinating center, Italy, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, and Germany. In Italy, the collection center is located at the National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa. Data on monoclonal antibodies, hybridomas, B-lymphocyte clones, T-lymphocyte clones, multiple hybridomas, transfectomas, etc. are included in the database. Each record includes information about clones, and, in particular, immunogen, immunocyte donor, immortal partner, reactants, nonreactants, and the name and address of the contact where the biological material can be obtained. All the data concerning the hybridomas and the immunoclones can be obtained from scientific literature, commercial catalogues of biotechnology companies, international patent applications, or directly from the laboratories where they are produced. The Immunoclone Database (ICDB) is accessible on-line through two on-line hosts: DATA-STAR (Switzerland) and DIMDI (Germany). KEY WORDS: immunoclones, monoclonal antibodies, database network.