Cancer Detection and Prevention Volume 17 / Issue 2 (Mar-Apr 1993)

Table of Contents and Editor's Notes

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The Homeotic Gene Products in the Control of Cell Differentiation and Proliferation

G. Corte MD, I. Airoldi PhD, P. Briata MD, M. P. Corsetti MD., A. Daga MD, A. Massa, and L. Sanseverino PhD

Molecular Implications of Recurrent Cytogenetic Alterations in Human Small Cell Lung Cancer

J.R. Testa PhD and S.L. Graziano MD

APC Gene Mutations in Italian Familial Polyposis Coli Patients

L. Varesco, MD, V. Gismondi, PhD, R. James, PhD, L. De Benedetti, PhD, A. Heouaine, MD, R. Biticchi, F. Masetti, L. Bertarlo, MD , P. Sala, PhD, P. Grammatico, PhD, H. Aste, MD, G. Del Porto, MD, and G.B. Ferrara, PhD

Automated DNA Sequencing: A Look into the Future

L.M. Smith

Recombinant Immunotoxins: New Therapeutic Agents for Cancer Treatment

IH Pastan, MD

Use of Anti-CD3 and Anti-CD1 6 Bispecific Monoclonal Antibodies for the Targeting of T and NK Cells Against Tumor Cells

S. Ferrini, MD, A. Cambiaggi, PhD, S. Sforzini, PhD, S. Canevari MD, D. Mezzanzanica, PhD, M.I. Colnaghi, MD, and L. Moretta, MD

The Production of Human Lactoferrin in the Milk of Transgenic Animals

P Krimpenfort, PhD

Production of Human Hemoglobin in Transgenic Swine: An Approach to a Blood Substitute

J.K. O'Donnell, PhD, M.J. Martin, PhD, J.S. Logan, PhD, R. Kumar, PhD

Biotechnological Patents and Ethical Aspects

R. Ciliberti, PhD

Biotechnology Patents and Ethical Aspects

F. Terragni, PhD

Ethical Aspects of Patenting in Biotechnology

R.S. Crespi, PhD

Biotechnology and Developing Countries

A. Albertini, MB and C Iacobello

The Gene That Predisposes to Colorectal Cancer Has Been Identified

S. Gipponi, PhD, C. Scrivano, PhD, M. Spiccio, MD, E. Vitiello, PhD, M. Gipponi, MD, and T. Ruzzon, PhD

Use of Yeast Artificial Chromosomes to Study the Genomic Organization of Human dbl Proto-oncogene

G. Palmieri, MD, G. Pilia, MD, D. Schiessinger, PhD, V. De Franciscis, MD, G. Vecchio, MD, and M. D'Urso, PhD

Epidermal Growth Factor and Transferrin Receptor Upregulation Is Induced by Arabinoside Cytosine on Human Tumor Cells

M Caraglia, MD, P Correale, MD, G Genua, MD, S Pepe, MD, S Del Vecchio, MD, G Esposito, MD, A Raffaele Bianco, MD, P Tagliaferri, MD

Serum Levels of TNF Alpha, IL-6, and IL-i Beta in a Series of Cancer Patients

G. Mantovani, MD, A. Maccio, MD, P. Lal, MD, E. Turnu, MD, and G.S. Del Giacco, MD

CEA, CA 15-3, and MCA in the Follow-Up of Breast Cancer Patients

S. Giudici, MD, L. Repetto, MD, C. Naso, MD, L. Merlini, MD, C. Simoni, MD, G. Gardi, MD, M. Onetto, MD, F. Campora, MD, and R. Rosso, MD

A Novel Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (LC89)

M. Paganuzzi, PhD, P. Marroni, PhD, C. Zannini, PhD, A. Pezzolo, PhD, G. Gimelli, PhD, F. Cavallo, PhD, D. Verzola, PhD, P. De Angelis, MD, G. Forni, MD, and C. Enrico Grossi, MD

Human Ovarian IGROV-1 Cells Express Human GM-CSF Receptors and Overgrow in Serum-Free Medium Containing GM-CSF as Their Only Growth Factor

G. Orengo, G. Pagnan, PhD, G. Cimoli, S. Silvestro, MD, A. Corcione, L. Baldi, V. Pistofa, PhD, MD, G.F. Addamo, MD., M. Venturini, MD, F. Schenone, MD, S. Parodi, PhD, MD, and P. Russo, PhD

In Vitro and In Vivo Studies to Assess the Effectiveness of Differentiating Agents (Retinoids and Carotenoids) in Cancer Chemoprevention

S. Toma, MD, PhD, R. Palumbo, MD, E. Albanese, MD, G. Nicolo, MD, S. Monteghirfo, MD, P.E. Mangiante, MD, S. Bonatti, MD, G. Mergello, MD, and R. Cancedda, PhD

Expression of Retinoic Acid Receptors during Retinoic Acid-Induced Cell Differentiation

N. Ferrari, PhD, F. Tosetti, PhD, U. Pfeffer, PhD, A. Profumo, PhD, and G. Vidali, PhD

Serum and Urine Determination of Lonidamine in Cancer Patients by HPLC

A. Lozupone, PhD, G. Micelli, MD, M. Quaranta, MD, A. Donadeo, MD, and V. Lorusso, MD

A European Database as a Source for Immunoclones, Hybridomas, and Monoclonal Antibodies

M.G. Campi, MD, F. Vitiello, PhD, M. Peruzzi, M. Formentera, and T. Ruzzon, PhD

Interlab Project Databases: A Support for Biotechnological Research

O. Aresu, PhD, P. Romano, PhD, B. Parodi, MD, B Iannotta, G. Rondanina, T. Ruzzon, PhD, and L. Santi, MD

The Bio-Media Project: Collection, Filing, Management, and Distribution of Data Relative to Research Activity of Universities and/or Public and Private Bodies in the Biotechnology Sectors

M. Spiccio, MD, T. Ruzzon, PhD, C. Scrivano, PhD, S. Gipponi, PhD, E. Vitiello, PhD, and M. Gipponi, MD


Herbert E. Nieburgs, MD
Worcester, MA