Methodoligical Issues

In vivo fluorescence imaging in oncology: new strategy for tissular characterization and cancer detection

JM Devoisselle PhD, S Mordon PhD, V Maunoury MD, PY Bugnon, MD

Comparison of fine needle aspiration (FAA) and Tru-cut needle biopsy of palpable mammary lesions

E Tzoracoleftherakis, CD Scopa, D Koukouras, J Spiliotis, J Harkoftakis, D Kyriakopoulou, J Androu- lakis

Tissue characterization in breast specimens in vitro using time-gated transillumination

0 Jarlman, MD, PhD, R Berg, CE, S Andersson-Engels, PhD, S Svanberg, PhD, H Pettersson, MD, PhD

Hemodynamic characreristics of early stage hepatocellular

M Kudo, MD, S Tomita, MD, H Tochio, RT, A Todo, MD

Early detection of experimental bladder cancer in mice by means of induced epithelial shedding

O Nativ, O Medalia, SI Engelberg, M.Aronson

Autoradiographic analysis of radiolabeled anti-carcinoembryonic antigen monoclonal antibody CEA102 in colorectal cancers using computed radiography

T Watanabe, T Satoh, J Sakamoto, M Tadokoro, H Murayama, K Itoh, S Akiyama, S Sakuma, H Takagi

The development of a fully automated cervical cancer screening device, based on malignancy associated changes (MAC), image analysis (IA) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Stenkvist B

Characterization and prediction of the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma using (18)FDG PET

S Okazumi MD, K Enomoto MD, K Isono MD

Ct evaluation of veins around the head of the pancreas (pancreatico-duodenal veins and gastrocolic trunk): an aid to therecognition of portal venous involvement by pancreatic cancer

H Mori, MD, K Suzuki, MD, S Matsumoto, MD, M Tashiro, MD, H Takaki, MD, Y Yamada, MD, T Maeda, MD

Introduction of data about hybridoma and immunoclones in an european databank

MG Campi, E Vitiello, M Peruzzi, M Formentera, T Ruzzon